Sam Sliva and The Good

Sam Sliva and The Good
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With roots in rock, blues and country, it's hard to put a label on Sam Sliva and the Good, the Austin based band that released its debut album, SEE YOU AROUND, in the summer of '08. Drawing comparisons to the likes of the Killers, Steve Earle, and Texas legend Robert Earl Keen, Sliva and his trio lack nothing in the way of style. And recently they've had no shortage of compliments either. Texas Music Magazine likened the group to "channel[ing] the best of The Band and the Counting Crows". While flattering associations with multi-platinum musicians might be new to them, it's nothing that Sam Sliva and the Good stumbled upon overnight. The group has been honing its sound for years, playing gigs almost nightly, across Texas and beyond. For the band's lead singer, this was a journey that began roughly eight years ago, when an eighteen year-old Sam Sliva moved from Bay City, TX to San Marcos, just a thirty minute drive from Austin — the city dubbed "the live music capitol of the world." Fast forward to 2010, the band has gone from open mics to playing with some of Texas-Red Dirt music's biggest stars — Cross Canadian Ragweed, Randy Rogers, Cory Morrow and Stoney LaRue to name a few. Through a combination of workmanship and timing, Sam Sliva and the Good have paved their way to the forefront of the Texas music scene and are on a steady rise to stardom. Call them a rock band, say they have a country sound, liken their guitar licks to an outlaw heritage… No matter how you label them, Sam Sliva and the Good are here to stay!

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07/22/2010 - Sam Sliva and The Good shy away from Texas Country label - Read More
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Sam Sliva and The Good  02/09/2010            
Saw these guys at house of blues in Dallas, then in Kansas City at the beaumont club. They were great! Totally blew away Jason Boland in KC and Phill Pricthett in Dallas. These guys brought energy, which lacked with the other bands. Truely AWESOME!!! check'em out!!!!!!
Sam Sliva and The Good  07/10/2009            
Sam Sliva and The Good  06/09/2009            
Big Fan
WOW!!! enough said! but ill continue. These guys are great. Awesome energy on stage..i had a hell of a time at the show i went to. Great musicians, get songs and the list goes on and on. Next big things for SURE!
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