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Part of the reason Los Angeles' Shurman rock with more of a twang than other L.A. bands is lead singer Aaron Beavers' Texas roots and drummer Damon Allen's Georgia upbringing. The two met when Beavers' family moved from Texas to Allen's hometown outside of Atlanta. They were both 13 when they first entertained the idea of starting a band, but college separated the two when Beavers headed to Hawaii and Allen moved to L.A. They didn't lose contact. Beavers sent Allen every single one of the 100 songs he had written while in Hawaii. Allen was convinced that L.A. was the place for the two to form the band they had always talked about, and soon Beavers made the move. They formed the original Shurman and released two EPs -- 2000's Songs to Tell Your Friends About and 2001's Superfecta -- and toured like crazy, averaging 200 shows a year. They had created quite a buzz among the alternative country community and won over some high-profile friends. Some of these friends -- Lucinda Williams' guitarist Doug Pettibone, Dashboard Confessional member John Lefler and Mavericks' co-founder Ben Peeler -- helped record the unsigned band's full length debut, Jubilee. The Vanguard label picked the record up and released it in April of 2005. Guitarist Jason Moore and bassist Keith Hanna were soon added to the band, and the new Shurman hit the road once again to support the record.
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Average Rating : 5              Total Reviews: 10

Shurman  03/02/2012            
Mary Micheal
I just love these guys!!
Shurman  02/28/2012            
this new record "Inspiration" is soooooooo good-why are these guys not huge?
Shurman  02/23/2012            
Honky Tonk Princess
This is the best album I have heard in years. This is exactly the kinda music to renew my faith in Texas Music!
Shurman  12/07/2006            
Shurman is the total package. Great tunes, Great vocals and Excellent musicians. Their music has an edge to it that supports Aaron Beavers voice perfectly. If you like powerful rockin' country songs delivered with passion and great guitar tone, then you will dig Shurman….These guys rock.....
Shurman  10/31/2006            
van pollack
Shurman is one of the hardest working,rocking bands to come around in a long time! I saw them at the Wormy Dog at an early show and they KILLED!!! Great guys too.
Shurman  09/01/2006            
it is nice
Shurman  08/09/2006            
just heard the new live CD, A Week in the Life, and all I can say is "WOW!" These guys put on a hell of a show -can't wait to see it for myself!!!!
Shurman  07/31/2006            
Great Southern-Rock Band!!!
Shurman  12/20/2005            
This is a band you can't stop listening to. Great cd, check it out!
Shurman  07/24/2005            
i've seen CCR, Boland, Reckless, and none of them come close to rockin like the boys in Shurman--why are these guys not huge!!!!!! After this first record gets around they should be!
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