Six Market Blvd.

Six Market Blvd.
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Hailing from Stephenville Texas this quintet is a blend of lost romantics, multi-instrumentalists and traveling souls. Based on the fundamentals of a classic road touring band, being lyrically creative and musically driven, this band brings a fresh change of pace to the scene. Blending influences for Country, Americana and Rock & Roll, 6MB delivers a uniquely identifiable sound that is sure to resonate the heart and soul. With the release of their first EP in the Spring of 2009, 6MB is currently releasing the new full length album, "Running on Seven", on July 6, 2010. Be listening for the first single, "Ready to Throw", on your favorite radio station.

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Six Market Blvd.  05/28/2012            
The Stray Dog
This is a great sophomore album for a group of young and talented musicians that continue to develop and grow. I have thoroughly enjoyed this album from start to finish, over and over!
Six Market Blvd.  04/19/2012            
Love 6MB :) they are amazing, both their EP & Running on 7 cd are amaaazing! can't stop listening!
Six Market Blvd.  08/01/2010            
Ashley Marie
You know when you are listening to the radio and you hear a new song, and within seconds you already know you LOVE IT! Then your turning it up...., trying to sing along,,, but you don't know the words, because its the first time you've heard the song...! Well that is what this hole CD is like!!!! Anybody can call themselves music artists now days, but it takes remarkable artists to be able to put together what Six Market Blvd. did!!!! LOVE YALL Ashley Marie
Six Market Blvd.  07/11/2010            
In an otherwise dead Texas Music scene, 6MB stands out as a breath of fresh air. These Stephenville boys might just resurrect Texas Country singlehandedly! You must get this can thank me later.
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