Slim Bawb

Slim Bawb
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Slim Bawb & GatorBait play “Swampedelic Cajun Hick Hop” music. Their debut CD “Ghost Dawg” came out April 2005. They’re latest double CD “Calexiana" (Bawb's 14th album) was released in January 2011.One disc is Slim Bawb & GatorBait doing what they do in their live shows, the other disc is with many of their friends including harmonica legend Bo Ely.Slim Bawb is Bob Pearce leader/songwriter for the Sacramento based band “The Beer Dawgs” for 20 years. The Beer Dawgs were inducted into the Sacramento Area Music Hall of Fame (The Sammies) in 1998. The Beer Dawgs played their brand of Swamp/Rock/Blues 5 nights a week for those 20 years. (They play reunion shows once a year) Bawb & James both moved to Texas in 2006 & built Swamp Studio in an old shop on the property Bawb & his wife bought in the country outside of Austin....there's lots of dogs & lots of music!... Slim Bawb plays banjo, reso-guitar, mandolin, pedal steel & foot pedal bass. GatorBait is James "Hamburger" Curry on drums vocals & Mexican wrestling masks....... Bawb also plays pedal steel, banjo & mandolin with the Texas Sapphires as well as backing Bob Cheevers, Tres Womack, &

The Chubby Knuckle Choir.

See ya in the bars!

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