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Slow Rollin Lows was formed in the summer of 2006 by Fannett, Texas residents Pug Johnson and Jeremy Porter. With the help of former Lows: Colt Woolwine, Neil Jeannsone, and Orey Williams, SRL released three albums. Their first was an early live recording at the Log-On Café in Beaumont, Texas titled, “Straight Out of Texas”. This was followed by the bands first studio attempt, “One of These Days”, a full length album comprised of all SRL originals. The album received praise among internet radio surfing, Texas music loving fans from all corners of the globe. The release also led to a young SRL finding themselves nominated for the TMA Rising Star Award in 2008. As the band began to develop, it was evident there was need for a new project. Their third release, “Erie Street” was recorded in Fort Worth, Texas under the creative prowess of fellow Texas artist Phil Pritchett. The album featured its’ share of Pritchett’s musical touch; yet, it still reflected the creative steps that the band was taking on their own. The album led to another TMA nomination, this time in the Song of the Year category for their track “Our Brothers”, a broken down, honest performance honoring those who died for Texas’ independence from Mexico in 1836. Since then, SRL has hit the road hard and fast with drive and determination. Still in the bands lineup are founding members Pug (guitar, vocals) and Jeremy (drums) but now featuring members Mike Reilly (electric/upright bass) and Trey Cochran (guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals). The band has been able to rack up a fair share of cred over their years on the road playing legendary beer joints and bar rooms of all shapes and sizes such as Maggie Mae's, River Road Icehouse, Riley's Tavern and Armadillo Palace. To top that off, the band has opened up for top acts such as Brandon Rhyder, Billy Joe Shaver, Pat Green, The Band of Heathens, Gary P. Nunn, Micky and the Motorcars, and many more. In April 2011, SRL opened for classic rock band Kansas in Winnie, Texas.SRL has been nominated for 2011 LIVE Band of the Year with the Texas Music Awards. In the summer of 2010, Pug released an acoustic concept album titled, “Radix”, translated from Latin meaning “roots”. “The album is about where I came from personally and musically, my 'roots'”, said Johnson. The album featured Reilly and Cochran as well as a few other friends lending their talents on keys and fiddle. “We were able to create this sound that completely fit the vein of the concept. It’s earthy and broken down and that’s where it needed to be.” Pug has been nominated for the 2011 Academy Award of Distinction with the Texas Music Awards for his "Radix" album. SRL teamed up with Radix engineer and co-producer Jon-Michael Wallace to record their third studio release in July of 2011. Working up new material while steadily playing gig after gig, the Lows have been hard at work mastering their craft. Excitement runs rampant as the band anticipates re-entering the studio with a better skill-set as well as mind-set about them. Not to mention they know they’re in good hands. “We expect nothing but the best with our engineer (Wallace). He brought it all together on Radix and we are all excited to see what he does with the whole band, especially with the direction we want to take for the new project,” said Pug. The album is to be titled “Easy Driftin'” after an expected track and a possible central theme for the 2011 release. SRL continues to push their limits with a common goal in mind. “We want to get to that point that when we play, the sound that comes out is so good, that people can’t help but love it,” says Porter. With the level of determination the band has displayed over the past four years, that idea certainly is not out of the question.
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Slow Rollin' Lows  05/06/2010            
Slow Rollin lows is by far the most kick ass Texas country band of all times! I have all their albums and seen many of their shows! highly suggest making time to go to one of you haven't! Sad country song is literally the best song ever written!
Slow Rollin' Lows  02/19/2009            
Just got my copy from RFT EARLY!!!! kicks butt great CD
Slow Rollin' Lows  02/06/2009            
Erie Street will rock your soul. They've done it again folks, and this time the bar has been set. I suggest getting a copy as soon as soon as it hits the shelf. This album is filled with the Independent Texan Spirit and will be hard to trump.
Slow Rollin' Lows  08/11/2008            
I'm fairly new to the whole Texas Music scene. However I've been a Ragweed & REK fan for several years. Thru the wonder of the internet & great sites like yours & others I found these guys. All I can say is WOW & awesome. I hope they stay together and keep producing great music like this CD for a long time.
Slow Rollin' Lows  07/24/2008            
rf from ky
one of these days came in the mail today and i can't take it out of the cd player. i have'nt had a cd kick my ass like that since soul gravy. this is great stuff. i can't wait to see these guys live. everybody that i let hear this says the same thing. this just kicks my ass. thank radio free texas for turning me on to so much great music.
Slow Rollin' Lows  01/27/2008            
Ronnie/ N Alabama
Ok lets see if i can put this as strong as i can.... I feel about Slow Rollin Low's music like i did and do about CCR's music and that is as high as a praise that i can deliver....The difference being that when i got on to CCR they had just released Soul Gravy, they were 6 albums in to a wonderful sound and fan base. I got on too SRL's via Radio Free Texas and my doll down loaed the cd from thier and thank god she did........... (thank you doll)If these guys progress at a rate as normal as most(and nothing says they wont) then look the H*** out they can go as far as anyone anywhere... Forevermore...You're all i need...Just wanted u to know....and i could keep naming them r all fantastic song with fantastic sound, my goodness these guys r awesome.......
Slow Rollin' Lows  01/02/2008            
Awesome, these guys look pretty young and already have a few great songs out, I am looking forward to hearing alot more music from them. Fantastic Texas sound.
Slow Rollin' Lows  12/29/2007            
A young but very strong sound. they much talent and with a little refinement they should do well. GREAT SOUND. Keep it up guys
Slow Rollin' Lows  12/20/2007            
Slow Rollin' Lows  12/20/2007            
This band is the absolute BEST band EVER! I heard about them from a friend that lives in College Station. She let me listen to their CD, and Pugs solo CD made a couple years ago. I am just in love with this band.
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