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It starts with the music. A sound that’s all too familiar, yet somehow resists an easy definition. Too edgy for Nashville, but too earnest for New York. Drawing comparisons to artists ranging from George Jones to the Gin Blossoms – Gram Parsons to Guns and Roses – Sons of Bill have been called “equal parts raucous and reflective.” A sound which is revolutionary only in its simplicity. It starts with the music because it started with the music. Bill Wilson’s three eldest sons grew up listening to him fingerpick old country tunes around the house. They learned to sing harmony at family holidays and inherited old guitars with their hand-me-down jeans. The past two decades sent James, Sam and Abe in disparate musical directions: teenage heavy metal fests, old-time barn dances, college bars and New York City jazz clubs. But in 2005 the brothers all returned – one from a cattle ranch in Nevada, one from an apartment in Brooklyn, one from Grad school in Maryland – and for the first time in their lives they began to make music together. With the addition of long-time friends Seth Green and Brian Caputo, Bill’s sons became Sons of Bill. With a live show known to evolve from acoustic ballads into sweaty stage-dives, Sons of Bill has gained a loyal fan base from Florida to NYC, sharing the stage with acts ranging from Robert Randolph to Robert Earl Keen. After selling their self-released debut album A Far Cry from Freedom by the thousands, SOB flew to California in late 2008 to record a much anticipated follow up. Tracked live in just 10 days with legendary producer Jim Scott (Wilco, Tom Petty, Whiskeytown) One Town Away is as honest and straightforward as records get. 12 songs about the struggles and hopes of human life, played by five guys from central Virginia, raised on traditional country music with an unabashed love for Rock n’ Roll. With the album out on June 23rd, 2009, Sons of Bill are back on road, pressing hot copies of it on masses of unsuspecting concert-goers. We hope you’ll be one of them.
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07/23/2009 - Despite Rock Leanings, Sons of Bill is Proud to be a “Virginia Country” Band - Read More
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Sons Of Bill  04/08/2012            
Ross Candoo
I bought a few CD's on our visit to Gruene from Seattle to see Reckless Kelly...the Sons of Bill was recommended by the folks at LSM and it is a gem.(The best we picked up)..It's all their own sound...but you hear influnces of Springsteen ,Mark Knopfler, Wilco and Gin Blossoms...Like when you listened to early Beatles and heard Carl Perkins in George's guitar work....these guys tip their hats to their influences yet cook up a great unique set of songs....Musically and lyrically this is the best I have heard so far in 2012. I can't wait to see where these guys take their fans over the next years...that will be fun. But for now, roll the windows down and crank this one up.
Sons Of Bill  02/05/2012            
I am now almost 65. To celebrate my 60th birthday, my brother dragged me and some of our vagabond friends down to a music festical in Crozet on a beatiful autumn evening in a meadow in the valley. Trees on Fire was supposed to be the headliner,and they were cooking,but SOB had people dancing in the grass. Bad Bill (formerly Sweet William until he married, and also a son of A Bill) said all those lovely women were part of Martina Gay tennis contingent, and that's why they appreciated his offers to partner dance. It wasn't 'til later I came to question that story. Great band. Outstanding SONG WRITERS & musicans.
Sons Of Bill  08/16/2010            
saw SOB for the first time openin for CCR couple years ago in a little bar bout an hour from where they live, got to be one of the best live shows I've ever seen. Still try to make it out to see them when they get back close to home. Have both their cds, awesome to finally have a great band from VA where you dont have travel to OK or TX to hear them play live.
Sons Of Bill  08/02/2010            
I dont come on here often to review a CD, but "One Town Away" is worth the time. This is an outstanding album with excellent lyrics and sound.
Sons Of Bill  06/30/2010            
i agree. Just because they are not from texas doesnt mean they arent good. jerry jeff walker is from new york and nobody complains about him.
Sons Of Bill  04/17/2010            
Cletus in Crowley
These guys are flat-out great. Wish they would play Texas more often...I'm sure the live shows are awesome.
Sons Of Bill  01/26/2010            
This is a great group and a great cd. Don't miss a chance to see them live. This cd is outstanding. 'Nuf said.
Sons Of Bill  01/20/2010            
Another SOB
Don't often agree with VTS, but he nailed this one regarding Sons of Bill. For those who are holding out because, "they are not from Texas", you are only hurting yourself. This is a great band with an original and refreshing sound.
Sons Of Bill  01/20/2010            
Saw Sons of Bill open for Reckless Kelly during shows in Jax, FL, and Tampa, FL. They can play some music kids. Stong songwriting.
Sons Of Bill  01/20/2010            
Vinny The Shark
Vinny caught Sons Of Bill last week at the Wormy Dog. Wow. What a breath of fresh air. Only 18 people showed up, but Sons Of Bill put on the best show Vinny has seen at the Wormy Dog in almost a year when Justin Townes Earle/Jason Isbell and Ryan Bingham were in town. These guys get it. Rootsy, Americana, Southern Rock with some Gospel splashed in for good measure. Even threw in some Alice In Chains on the song "Rain" and some Slayer when someone in the crowd requested "Wagon Wheel". That scored major points with Vinny right there. Go see these guys. They are the real deal. Vinny bought both of their cds at the show. You should do the same. Good stuff. Guaranteed.
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