Spur 503

Spur 503
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With roots in traditional country, Spur 503, will have your foot tapping to the beat in no time. Considered Texas Country or Red Dirt Music, (depending on your locale), the band has recieved numerous accolades since forming in 2003. Their debut single, "Into You" skyrocketed to 11!! The Texas Music Chart has been a constant for the band, follow-up single, "Thats Whats Wrong With Me" debuted at 22, and the band is currently promoting their third single, "Back to Austin, while in the studio cutting their sophomore project. Local awards have included, Nite Life Magazines 2004 and 2005 Country Band of the Year, and Music Scene Magazines 2004 and 2006 Country Band of the Year. With an ever-growing fan base and a stage show second-to-none, Spur 503 will leave you wanting more.
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Average Rating : 4.7              Total Reviews: 20

Spur 503  09/20/2008            
Not only a great album but a great band as individuals. They are extremely nice and fun guys to hang out with. the gave me great memories. with great times. Ya'll need to see them live!!!! Jon Callaway
Spur 503  03/31/2008            
Awesome CD! LOVE IT! New CD is even better, if that's possible. Proud of my friends :)
Spur 503  01/29/2008            
The guys from Spur 503 rock, not only awesome music, but truly awesome, genuine guys. They're my Texoma boys, I go see them every chance I get. They put on great shows and they're some of the coolest guys you'll ever meet and hang out with. They've been in the studio lately and I'm looking forward to the new CD soon!!
Spur 503  09/30/2007            
Music guy
I would like to take this cd on a back road and take a dump on it!
Spur 503  06/12/2007            
Hung out with these guys all weekend. They were a blast. Great guys and great music. First time I'd heard their tunes. It was a great time guys and I wish you the most success!
Spur 503  06/04/2007            
Can't wait for the next CD.. I don't know where I'm at most of the time and the song speaks volumes without the typical "bar speak", original and true.
Spur 503  01/29/2007            
The KLBC Buzz's Trisha
When was the last time you had the perfect back-roading CD? Well Spur 503's "I'm Ready" is a good choice. Jampacked full of toe tapping tunes that make you want to cut a rug, the wide open sounds on this disc put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. The CD is full of tunes that pretty much everyone can relate to, from mamas to hangovers to music and the road.
Spur 503  10/28/2006            
El Hombre
Ran across these guys one night by chance at the White Elephant beer garden. We were just gonna drink a beer and then go home, then Spur 503 started playing. We stayed for the duration we were so pleasantly surprised. They put on a great live show and I'm surprised they don't get more respect here. Their album charted on the Americana charts, great album. Go see these guys, you won't regret it.
Spur 503  09/26/2006            
Country gal
Spur 503  08/14/2006            
Good songs, but Spur 503 in Denison is actually about 2 miles long, right off Highway 75. Not really a back road type thing.
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