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Stayton Bonner
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As evidenced by Cadillac Road’s title track, a chronicle of his roadtrip to Stanley Marsh’s high plains art mecca Cadillac Ranch, Stayton Bonner is intent on finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places, shadowed regions dusted over in the wake of current top forty acts. Whether singing about the merits of Black Bush whiskey in an Irish pub, strolling the lanes of a second-hand bookshop, or enjoying a seventies easy listening song with his wife, Bonner relates his own experiences and passions into art with melodic and honest writing. Besides producing Cadillac Road, Hunter Perrin and Paul Beebe also play as Bonner’s band on the CD. “Stayton and I met during college,” Perrin relates. “We both had a common interest in bluegrass music and growing facial hair.” Living in LA years later, (his day-job as touring and recording guitarist for John Fogerty keeps him busy,) Perrin heard about Bonner’s songwriting award at North Carolina’s Merlefest and gave him a call. Several tours afterward, they decided to make a record together, enlisting Perrin’s old friend and Houston music-scene mainstay Paul Beebe as a co-producer. Listening to the songs, you may be moved to find yourself looking at the seemingly mundane aspects of life in a whole new way. As Bonner sings about living in the desert on Cadillac Road’s title track, “Here your outside world’s got to come from inside.” When not playing music, Bonner can be found writing journalism, prose, or whatever else he can muster. In November 2006, independent press Three Dog Books published The Bookman, his biography of author Larry McMurtry.
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Stayton Bonner  07/23/2006            
Saw Stayton at the Bugle Boy in La Grange last night with my friend Eric Hanke. He really has something going---the storylines in his songs are extremely creative and obviously flavored by his experiences abroad, and his on-stage aura draws you in keeps you there. Stayton is definitely an ambassador for acoustic music. We bought "I Think I'll Move to Austrailia" and listened to it at least 3 times on the way home. Great work!
Stayton Bonner  09/14/2005            
Stayton, you're doing an amazing job. I love your new CD. I hope you come to oklahoma sometime. Your CD rocks my car every mornin. Thank you so much and keep it up
Stayton Bonner  02/03/2005            
Ben Jackson
Stayton has a bright future of music ahead of him. His album "Border Radio" has some excellent originals and after hearing "Me and my Poodle" from his new album I can't wait to buy it.
Stayton Bonner  06/18/2004            
Liza Evans
I saw Stayton play at Merlefest in North Carolina and was blown away by this young talent and had to buy his CD. This artist is destined to become a classic in the ranks of Texas Singer/Songwriters. The Poodle song rocks. Let's hear more!!!
Stayton Bonner  02/19/2004            
Bill Harmon
I am so glad I came across this CD. I am surprised Stayton's not playing every night in Austin! I am sure he will be real soon. Border Radio is a CD worth getting, that's for sure.
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