Stephanie Briggs

Stephanie Briggs
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We are swamped. Music up to our ears. Swab some out and even more appears than before. Along comes Stephanie Briggs. Her hands out of her pockets and on the fret board. She is poised and ready to burst. To compress her down into a single word: original. “I made a commitment to the music world to be my own songwriter and go where only I can go. There’s so much music out there that it’s not about good and bad music, but about original music. That’s what counts. That’s what makes history.” Currently residing in New Braunfels, TX, this girl only has one thing on her mind. "I write obsessively. If I have an addiction, that is it." Originally from El Campo, TX, she began her career with a small cover band out of West Columbia, TX, singing back-up and shaking a tambourine. That band broke and its remaining members formed an original band by the name of Rodger Wilko. Having already familiarized herself on an acoustic guitar she bought with her fresh scholarship money, and caving into the other members' coaxing, she decided to pick up the bass and learn to play. Rodger Wilko traveled, wrote music, recorded three albums, and played live for four years. In December of 2005, the group decided to disband, and Stephanie, along with drummer-turned-guitarist Matthew Briggs, struck out to fulfill Stephanie's individual spirit of writing. She says after years on bass, people are surprised at her ability on the acoustic guitar. One live sound engineer, attesting to her skills, said, “We’ve had a lot of guitar players I would call better than good, and many amazing, and I give Stephanie credit for some of the more unique lines I have heard in a while.” Her abilities echo fully in her debut album Spark. Upon the recommendation of Ray Wylie Hubbard, Stephanie took up her first solo project at The Zone Recording Studio in Dripping Springs, TX, just outside of Austin. “It was the best recording experience I’ve ever had. Just the freedom was enough to make me explode.” The album employs all of Stephanie’s efforts in an eclectic array of quirky pop and folk songs as well as an acoustic track showcasing her raw songwriting and guitar playing abilities. Crooning above the instrumentation of the album, are Stephanie’s poetics. Her stark choice of words with the contrast of her coy delivery create her habit of making the simple things sound beautiful. In “Conspiracy” she explains a boy’s apathetic attitude, purring “Hey you over there, riding your bike and pedaling / You say it ain’t me, it’s just the light from her hair, and the whirl of the pool, and I’m a sucker for a girl.” Other times the words themselves are the focus. “I like words. Just the sounds they make coming out of your mouth... Sometimes that’s enough to pull a song out of me.” From a song about the slow motion scene of a flash going off and capturing the victim on film, to a song about the simple joy of singing, she explores the happenings of her world and transfers them into the stories and affirmations that make the songs. Stephanie travels with her band all over Texas and up into Oklahoma. “We love to bring a new flavor into every town we roll through. It gives me the greatest pleasure to have someone tell us we are refreshing.” They are paving the way into a new era of indie in the Texas music scene. She remains positive and astute at the beginning of her promising future, and seems hell-bent on nurturing her individuality as she declares, “I could be some more... cut right through the grime.”
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05/21/2008 - Annual concert to benefit Locks of Love  - Read More
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Average Rating : 4.9              Total Reviews: 19

Stephanie Briggs  04/13/2009            
Great great CD. My favorites are "Looks Like This IS MY Motivation" as well as the fist three songs. Not a CD to skip over for sure.
Stephanie Briggs  04/03/2009            
lacey jean
just downloaded the cd from itunes. love it yall. my fave is good guess! good job, see you next week.
Stephanie Briggs  11/10/2008            
It's hard to find singer/songwriters with such a flawless delivery. Stephanie Briggs somehow manages to not only please your ears with her timeless melodies, but also paint your eyes a picture with lyrics that seethe emotion with every verse. I live in Georgia, so for such talent to reach my ears, it's hard not to believe that it is a matter of time before she explodes on to the scene.
Stephanie Briggs  05/22/2008            
Just found Stephanie via Ragweed's link to Colt45 on YouTube. Thank goodness. I've been a WB and Ragweed fan forever, but was unaware of her music. I'm going to do all I can to spread her music across NYC - I think it's an excellent fit here, and can't wait for her new album. Just ordered "Spark", and will be watching for the new album. And I really appreciate the raw talent in her Seed project. Check it out.
Stephanie Briggs  03/11/2008            
It's rare to find an artist that is able to combine several genres of music to create their own. Spark has this presence. If asked to describe what style of music she plays, my best description would be "refreshingly unique". Lyrically superb, her schemes are a rare treat to any real fan of music.
Stephanie Briggs  12/18/2007            
i bought this release early this year and still keep coming back for more. listening to this release from beginning to end is pure ear candy! the recording and mixing is superb. you can hear catchy guitar hooks, interesting lyrics evoking vivid imagery, and perfection in phrase delivery. my favorite track right now is "word for word." this album is a must buy for those looking for a truly original sound performed by such young, great musicians!
Stephanie Briggs  12/03/2007            
bought the cd on its release date last january - not your everyday project - stephanie has a lot to offer to the listener that is tired of the same old thing - spark is a must buy
Stephanie Briggs  02/16/2007            
I have listened to this cd several times and it is awesome, just like her first one. Watching her and the band in person is even better! Her music is so original and her guitar playing is the bomb! Stephanie and Matt are true Texas Americana artists!
Stephanie Briggs  02/06/2007            
Stephanie's music is fresh, creative and original!! This CD is a joy and a must have. I love how her art and music combine to make upbeat, happy tunes!
Stephanie Briggs  02/05/2007            
Stephanie Briggs is an awesome songwriter. She has an amazing style and the things she has collected on this cd are well worth a listen.
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