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Sunny Sweeney
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Average Rating : 5              Total Reviews: 44

Sunny Sweeney  07/12/2011            
LOVE this music! Sunny sure knows her stuff and she writes and sings about real life!
Sunny Sweeney  01/25/2009            
I love-love-love Sunny Sweeney. Her voice is so unique and unlike any other female country artist. She sings from her heart and you can tell that in her voice.
Sunny Sweeney  07/13/2008            
Chris Williamson
Country music is filling with gorgeous young ladies,, its about time the girls from Texas start showing their skills. Awesome female artist, killer eyes and killer voice...... Keep Rockin girl!!!!!!!
Sunny Sweeney  07/11/2008            
Paul M.
While I truly like a variety of music, I would not describe myself as a country music fan. Sunny Sweeney's voice caught my attention while I was listening on Yahoo Launchcast on my computer. I now have her album on my iPod and am looking forward to seeing her in Little Rock in August 2008! Wow!
Sunny Sweeney  06/01/2008            
I'm sure you were being sarcastic. Sunny just played a show with us in Georgia, and she was a breeze. Her whole band just soundchecks faster than I've ever seen. Then, they sounded fantastic.
Sunny Sweeney  05/25/2008            
Great band, but I can't dare give a five based on how she treats us sound guys...
Sunny Sweeney  05/07/2008            
My Wife and I say this Texan at the Austin Ranch. What a dance band!! We had the concrete floor to ourselves. She called us the "Dancing Fools". A very personable lady, with a helluva voice and band. Looking forward ot the next project and another chance to boot scoot to her and that band. For those of you who don't dance, get out and learn.
Sunny Sweeney  02/24/2008            
Tom H.
A sound I haven't heard in years, Sunny is the real deal for all us who love honky-tonkin
Sunny Sweeney  02/17/2008            
Eldon L
Listening to Sunny brought back memories of when Loretta debut songs and Jennie C Riley when she sang Harper Valley PTA. Sounded great real country and nothing phony or contrived. You GO Girl, You have nailed for me and all the other Classic Traditional Country Music Fans. And I'm glad I Said it Eldon
Sunny Sweeney  12/30/2007            
What a voice. Sunny can warm up the room with her voice. Her show keeps everyone interested and her interaction with the crowd is outstanding. Sunny is an artist that is a must to see more than one time.
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