Susan Herndon

Susan Herndon
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"Herndon is something of a trailblazer, unfettered by labels or boundaries, skipping with ease between genres and showing hints of her inner bohemian...the most elemental factor of Herndon's appeal: quite simply, she has one of the sweetest and most comforting female voices in Tulsa music. Of course it doesn't hurt that she's also a gifted songwriter... With her latest CD, '1,000 Pies,' Susan continues to refine her craft as she presents perhaps her most concise and cohesive album to date. Even as she glides between styles, touching on roots rock ('At the End of the Day'), jazz ('On My Way'), country ('There Is No End to My Love for You') and smoldering blues-rock ('King's River'), the disc never sounds disjointed as Herndon sings from the heart and paints a picture of the people, relationships and landscape around her. There's a certain swagger present, evident not only in the Pretender's-like groove of 'World Class Wallower,' but also in the bluesy smolder of 'King's River' and even the disc's stirring closing ballad 'Highway 33 (Home)' Where else would you find a French reading of Bob Dylan's 'Girl of the North Country' next to the heartbreak and pedal steel of 'There is No End to My Love for You'? Only Herndon can blend such disparate elements so well and leave a listener wanting more instead of running for cover. The key, truly, is in the honesty of Susan's songwriting. The stirring ballad 'Highway33 (Home)' ends up as the surprising showpiece of the new disc, featuring Susan's vocals and piano with a mournful cello... Yes, the new album shows that Herndon possesses the pop sensibilities of Sheryl Crow, the lyrical prowess of Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones, the swagger of Chrissy Hynde and the elegance of Emmylou Harris. More importantly, though it reaffirms Herndon's rightful place in the music scene as an extraordinary songwriter and one of the sweetest female voices in the region."
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