Takin' Back Texas

Takin' Back Texas
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From the beautiful hill countryside of Bandera, Texas to the jam packed clubs of suburbia San Antonio and beyond, five talented musicians have found a coalition of some of the most diverse genres of music and have brought them together to make the unique sound that stands behind their name… Takin’ Back Texas. Stretching his roots from the fields of Kosciusko, Texas, J.W. Pruski’s songs find heart in the experiences of the rural life growing up and being transitioned into a city based homestead. Pruski tops his songwriting with heartache and frustrations of lost love, new found love and going against pessimistic influences that tell him it cannot be done. J.W. fronts TBT composed of Helotes native Amy Hermes, born and raised Cajun-country fiddler who has two-stepped her way all through the hill country fulfilling her passion in the footsteps of mentors and close friends Frenchie Burke and Bobby Flores. Across the stage sharing the picks and licks is J. Travis Vela of Port Lavaca, a man no stranger to the theories of SRV, Brad Paisley and Hendrix all wrapped up in a single guitar screaming package. Vela can be found on any given night of the week in the small clubs of San Antonio leading open jam sessions and leaving guests in awe of his refined ability. In close proximity of every inch of the stage you will find Earl “Huggy Bear” Hinton of Georgetown, pounding every beat of the backbone behind TBT. Hinton like many others has shared the same blood in the same mud as many musicians have with the vast previous experiences of other great Texas/Americana acts. One thing can be assured that he always packs an energetic punch full of performance night after night. Helping Hinton stay in tempo sets Rudy Diaz San Antonio raised drummer. Diaz’s style surpasses the word genre in every means possible. Diaz has been playing drums/percussion for 20 years, and in addition to studying at The Drummer’s Collective in New York City, holds a BM in music education from the University of Texas at San Antonio. An active teacher and performer in the San Antonio area, his diverse musical influences are reflected in the different styles that he has performed with, including original cumbia/ funk/ hip-hop, country/Americana, blues-rock, classic rock, instrumental pop, jazz and has been a member in the Mid-Texas Symphony Orchestra. There is no doubt that Takin’ Back Texas lives up to the words “unique” and “original” within their music. Their songwriting and arrangements have moved more than mountains but more so the heart of many fans and followers throughout the great state of Texas and beyond it’s boundaries like back in the days when Texas first became independent from government because of its genuine individuality and distinctiveness. And this is why it is said that these 5 great musicians are Takin’ Back Texas… once dancehall at a time
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