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Tejas Brothers
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The Tejas Brothers were formed in the fall of 2006, on a little stage in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. After weeks of performing together at an open mic, a certain magic began to occur. People in the audience felt it. The guys on stage felt it. And, although they didn’t know it, a band…a real band was forming. A few gigs later, needing a name to go by…the “Tejas Brothers” were born! Tejas Brothers debut CD was recognized as the 7th most played album for 2009 by the Americana Music Association. With reason, Tejas Brothers are very proud of their recordings. However, it is at their live performances where the audience can truly experience the excitement, first hand. Live shows are fun, funny, amazing, breathtaking, inspiring, and honest. The Tejas Brothers are “Masters of the Smile”, making the audience fall in love with them at each and every performance! Fans at the shows have told the Tejas Brothers, "You guys look like you're having so much FUN!" The Tejas Brothers response is, "We ARE!" Dave Perez (Accordion and Vocals)---Born and raised in Grand Prairie, he purchased his first push button accordion in May of 1998 at the age of 22. After just six very dedicated weeks of practice, he began performing at a small Mexican restaurant just a few blocks from his home. Over the next eight years, Dave would form a vocal and playing style which allowed him to cover many different types of music. One day, Dave decided to venture beyond the walls of the restaurant, where he had become so accustomed to performing. His curiosity led him onto a little stage in the Stockyards of Fort Worth, TX. Week after week, he returned to the Stockyards, to jam with various local musicians, and eventually agreed to put his first band together...that band is known today as the Tejas Brothers! John Garza (Upright Bass and Vocals)---Born in Irving, he began playing bass in the late 80’s. He never really was into the music of his era, thanks to his father’s love of early rock and roll. In the early 90s he hit the blues jams in Dallas and Fort Worth. His first jam was at Schooners, hosted by local blues patriarch Brian “Hash Brown” Calway. He was a member of Pat Boyack and the Prowlers, with which he recorded two CDs. John then worked for two years with Holland K. Smith. It was during this time he began playing upright bass. Just before Tejas Brothers, he worked with The Kenny Traylor Band. Danny Cochran (Drums and Vocals)---Born in Wichita Falls, he began playing drums for local bands in the 70s. In 1976, Danny’s friend Jerry Williams asked him to fly to California to play with Dave Mason. Over the years, Danny has played drums for numerous great Texas bands. He has been a member of two of Texas’ most influential acts - Texas country soul great Delbert McClinton and Texas blues great Anson Funderburgh and The Rockets, featuring the late “Sweet” Sam Myers. He also did a stint with John Mayall. Danny has also appeared in the movies, Ninth Life, China Moon and the 2006 release Idiocracy. Danny Cochran endorses: Pro-Mark Sticks, Aquarian Drum Heads, Sabian Cymbals and Fibes Drums. Lex Cochran (Guitar and Vocals)--- Born in Houston, he came from a musical family of eight, where all the kids took piano lessons. At the age of twelve, he found a Fender Telecaster under the Christmas tree. He plugged it in, and immediately began to play "Smoke on the Water", "Purple Haze", and "Heartbreaker". That was it…Lex was hooked, and never looked back! Lex has spent much of his life working with various Blues, Country, Rock, and Western Swing outfits. Lex says his passion for music and love of laughter and performing are the secret to staying young. Just before Tejas Brothers, Lex was performing with the Country Tex-Mex outfit, "The Lonesome Losers". One day, Lex got a call...it was Dave.
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Tejas Brothers  08/05/2009            
I grew up on all things TEX-MEX, but in my opinion nothing compares the these guys. The sound the "Tejas Brothers" produce is the true TEXAS,in and out. Their live shows are an event to be experienced by all. please come back to Wichita Falls, soon!!!
Tejas Brothers  02/24/2009            
I discovered the Tejas Brothers on MySpace and was blown away. I couldn't get my credit card out of my wallet fast enough. First time to see them live was at Tommy Alverson's Family Gathering in October 2008. They finally made it to the Iron Horse Pub in Wichita Falls. They are awesome when performing live. If you like genuine, heartfelt, Tejano music...do yourself a favor and experience them. You will not be disappointed!
Tejas Brothers  01/09/2009            
Awesome. Plain and simple. These guys are phenomenally talented and a lot of fun. Their CD is great, but go to a live show and you'll be blown away. Support these guys so they can make music for many more years.
Tejas Brothers  01/07/2009            
Saw this guys at Gruene Hall on Jan. 1st not knowing what to expect. They played from 1 till 5 with breaks, and wow, we stayed the whole time. If you love to dance and listen to great music, you gotta check this guys out!
Tejas Brothers  09/05/2008            
These guys are awesome!
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