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Damn Quails
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The Damn Quails started as a weekly jam session between two Oklahoma songwriters. Gabe Marshall and Bryon White met for a weekly gig that soon attracted all kinds of characters playing various instruments. These sessions quickly attracted a crowd, a semi-stable line-up was formed, and The Damn Quails were born. The band released their first record in 2011 entitled “Down The Hatch”. Since then, the band has firmly established itself as a touring entity hell bent on spreading their brand of music as far as possible.

The Damn Quails carry on the great Oklahoma tradition of songwriting that draws from countless genres and has produced many memorable songs, bands, singers, and moments. They are proud to be part of such a rich musical heritage. They have taken their cue from their musical predecessors and forged their own and style that they loosely refer to Folk Rock. From the beginning Bryon and Gabe have had Thomas Young as their drummer. Not only does he keep the beat, but he also serves as a very stabilizing character that provides a very solid foundation on which the guys have built their musical monuments. Joining them playing a vast array of instruments is Kevin “Haystack” Foster. Kevin is a brilliant musician and singer who

adds a dimension to the show that is undeniable. It seems like he has been there forever. On bass you have a close friend of Kevin’s and a ball of positivity and energy known as Dillon Sampson. Dillon and Kevin attended South Plains College in Texas where they studied music. They are proud to bring their friendship and dedication to great playing to The Damn Quails. Upon its release “Down the Hatch” quickly became a favorite of both music critics and a growing legion of fans that is now refereed to as “The Covey”. The record spawned the radio singles “Fool’s Gold”, “So So Long”, and “Me and the Whiskey”. Just as the band was hitting its stride, they suddenly found themselves in a legal struggle with their management company and record label. The situation soon deteriorated in such a way that lawsuits were filed and the band found itself fighting to keep the rights to their own name, music, likeness, and everything associated with The Damn Quails.

The band did the only thing it could do and continued to tour and spread the good word the only way they knew how, by playing live. Night after night the band made friends and fans across the country. For much of this time they had no CDs or t-shirts to sell to help keep themselves going. All they could do was play. This situation would have destroyed most bands, but The Quails chose to never give up. They had their music, themselves, and of course The Covey to help them along their way.

After two years the lawsuit was finally settled. The band was given the ownership of the name The Damn Quails, and was finally allowed to record and release new music. Finding themselves without a label or any financial backing, the band turned to the people whose support had never wavered, The Covey. They started a Kickstarter Campaign in January of 2015 that raised almost $55,000 dollars to record their new record. They enlisted David Abeyta from Reckless Kelly to produce the record which they recorded in Austin, Texas at 12th Street Sound. They emerged with “Out of the Birdcage” which will be released on their own label Swomp Fyst Records on September 4th. The title signifies the freedom the band feels having finally emerged to follow their true path, a path where they own their own future and are in charge of their own destiny.

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Average Rating : 5              Total Reviews: 6

Damn Quails  10/22/2011            
Matt Bjorke
"In a sea of talented bands, The Damn Quails ride a wave to the top through top notch songwriting and vocals on "Down The Hatch." It took me only one listen to this record to fall in love with these newcomers. The album features top-notch songwriting, melodies and production. It's always exciting to be on the forefront of something big and let me tell you, it only took one listen of "Down The Hatch" to feel excited like that about The Damn Quails." -Matt Bjorke/Roughstock.com
Damn Quails  10/22/2011            
Chuck Dauphin
"The Damn Quails sound like nothing or nobody that you have heard in a while. This act and their music will no doubt affect you with their harmony, their lyrics, and their performance throughout this disc. One thing that is very apparent upon even the first listen is how great their writing skills are. Any of the fourteen cuts here would qualify as a major artistic statement." -Chuck Dauphin/Billboard & Music News Nashville
Damn Quails  10/22/2011            
Robert K. Oermann
"The Damn Quails have one of the finest freshman collections Iíve heard all year. It is titled DOWN THE HATCH. The debut single is out now, and the rest of the disc drops on Oct. 25. Brand new band. Brand new label. Brand new sound. The core of the group is a pair of singer-songwriters, Gabriel Marshall and Bryon White. Give those boys a DisCovery Award." -Robert K. Oermann/Music Row Magazine
Damn Quails  10/10/2011            
Mr. Lahey
The best new album of 2011. From front to back this is a killer record. Lyrically engaging and musically tantalizing, Down The Hatch is a sure bet to see of the Best of 2011 list for any self-respecting Americana fan.
Damn Quails  09/24/2011            
Brit McCabe
"Down the Hatch" is the inaugural release of the Damn Quails. This album is as "tight" lyrically, instrumentally and technologically as it gets. I am lyric driven but this is one album where the melodies alone will often divert my attention away from the words. Instrumentally these guys have assimilated a sound that is unbelievably unique. Can you say saxophone? Bet ya can. Mike McClure's experience as both a musician as well as engineer couldn't have been a better choice for these guys to trust with their music. BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!! If you want to endear yourself to your friends, buy one for them as well. Maybe more importantly, get your ass out and see them LIVE as well. You will NOT be disappointed!
Damn Quails  09/08/2011            
I'd give 10 stars if I could. Best new group of 2011. This is what Red Dirt is all about. If you like Turnpike Troubadors (and who doesn't?), you will love these guys. The next big thing; in a good way. These two guys could singlehandedly save the scene.
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