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Damn Quails
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When you walk into The Deli in Norman, Oklahoma on a Monday night you are hit with a sound so unique, yet so familiar to your music loving heart, that your body immediately responds. The rich sounds of soul, blues, country, folk, and a little bit of rock are all accounted for in a cohesive mixture that digests smoothly, like a dose of high quality opiates hitting the bloodstream.

Described as a young band with old souls, The Damn Quails are a combined effort between singer/songwriters Gabriel Marshall and Bryon White, proud saplings of Oklahoma’s opulent music vegetation. Understanding the caliber of songwriters that are indigenous to this particular part of the country is the only thing that makes a debut release this good seem plausible.

Having been exposed to local storytellers like Tom Skinner, Mike McClure and Gene Collier, both Bryon and Gabriel sank their roots into songwriting early on and remained close to that art while earning their music chops on stage indulging in music styles that ran the spectrum. It’s a very lucky thing for anyone who considers himself a music aficionado that Bryon and Gabriel would emerge from the same stompin’ grounds and eventually come stool–to-stool in a highly respected ritual among writers known as the Song Swap.

It was in this survival of the fittest setting where two songwriters, both equally fierce in measure, would set into motion a pairing that resonates a lifetime of compatibility despite its level of humble beginnings. Backed by the ‘Quail Philharmonic,” the live show spills off the stage with a pooled sound that makes veteran performers stand up and take notice, and on any given night the philharmonic fills to include some of their peers from other bands. After all, the jam is what it is really all about and Bryon admits that they have never performed a song the same way twice.

The Damn Quails debut studio release appropriately titled DOWN THE HATCH will shell out in August 2011 on 598 Recordings. The threading together of their individual songs meant they had to find just the right producer who could bring two solid talents together as a team, and they found it in the veteran combo of Mike McClure and Joe Hardy.

McClure’s reputation as a songwriter and musician is of legendary standing, having had admirable success both as a front man for The Great Divide and as a solo artist. His innate talents and knowledge of music has made him a highly sought after producer in the Indie circuit with producing/recording credits that include Cross Canadian Ragweed, Turnpike Troubadours, Stoney LaRue, Johnny Cooper, Jerry Jeff Walker, Gary P Nunn and Lloyd Maines.

Hardy currently runs Billy Gibbons’ Foam Box Studio and has recorded everyone from ZZ Top to The Replacements to Steve Earle.

The enormity of talent combined in this debut release is staggering. From the first sweet sounds of harmonica and fiddle on “Better Place To Stop” to the airy essence of “Mary” to the lonesome call of “California,” The Damn Quails deliver one of the most solid performances of any freshmen album you will ever hear.

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Damn Quails  10/22/2011            
Matt Bjorke
"In a sea of talented bands, The Damn Quails ride a wave to the top through top notch songwriting and vocals on "Down The Hatch." It took me only one listen to this record to fall in love with these newcomers. The album features top-notch songwriting, melodies and production. It's always exciting to be on the forefront of something big and let me tell you, it only took one listen of "Down The Hatch" to feel excited like that about The Damn Quails." -Matt Bjorke/Roughstock.com
Damn Quails  10/22/2011            
Chuck Dauphin
"The Damn Quails sound like nothing or nobody that you have heard in a while. This act and their music will no doubt affect you with their harmony, their lyrics, and their performance throughout this disc. One thing that is very apparent upon even the first listen is how great their writing skills are. Any of the fourteen cuts here would qualify as a major artistic statement." -Chuck Dauphin/Billboard & Music News Nashville
Damn Quails  10/22/2011            
Robert K. Oermann
"The Damn Quails have one of the finest freshman collections Iíve heard all year. It is titled DOWN THE HATCH. The debut single is out now, and the rest of the disc drops on Oct. 25. Brand new band. Brand new label. Brand new sound. The core of the group is a pair of singer-songwriters, Gabriel Marshall and Bryon White. Give those boys a DisCovery Award." -Robert K. Oermann/Music Row Magazine
Damn Quails  10/10/2011            
Mr. Lahey
The best new album of 2011. From front to back this is a killer record. Lyrically engaging and musically tantalizing, Down The Hatch is a sure bet to see of the Best of 2011 list for any self-respecting Americana fan.
Damn Quails  09/24/2011            
Brit McCabe
"Down the Hatch" is the inaugural release of the Damn Quails. This album is as "tight" lyrically, instrumentally and technologically as it gets. I am lyric driven but this is one album where the melodies alone will often divert my attention away from the words. Instrumentally these guys have assimilated a sound that is unbelievably unique. Can you say saxophone? Bet ya can. Mike McClure's experience as both a musician as well as engineer couldn't have been a better choice for these guys to trust with their music. BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!! If you want to endear yourself to your friends, buy one for them as well. Maybe more importantly, get your ass out and see them LIVE as well. You will NOT be disappointed!
Damn Quails  09/08/2011            
I'd give 10 stars if I could. Best new group of 2011. This is what Red Dirt is all about. If you like Turnpike Troubadors (and who doesn't?), you will love these guys. The next big thing; in a good way. These two guys could singlehandedly save the scene.
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