Thomas Michael Riley

Thomas Michael Riley
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Honored as the Hill Country Entertainer of the Year in 2002 and 2004, Thomas Michael Riley is earning the status of a legend as he writes and sings his own brand of colorful and thoughtful Texas Americana Music. Each performance, Thomas delights fans of country music with his songwriting skills, spirited music and wonderful sense of humor. His ability to capture his audience is pure magic! Having grown up in Buckingham, Texas, tending stock and learning cowboy ways, Thomas draws on his Texas roots, his Christian rearing, and his rich personal experiences to passionately write and sing a very entertaining brand of music. Being raised as one of seven siblings, Tommy says “around our supper table there were the quick and the hungry.” He must have been quick, towering in at 6`6``with a rich baritone voice of many ranges. What began as a pastime in the eighth grade, playing the guitar and singing songs became ingrained after he graduated from college and began life on his own. His first paying gig was a Saturday night in Dallas , when he had to borrow the sound system from his church and deliver it back that night for Sunday services. For fourteen years, Thomas entertained audiences only on the weekends, while working full-time to support a family. In 2002, he made the courageous decision to leave the business world and live out his life following his passion to entertain people as a full-time singer and songwriter. Thomas is well-known and genuinely loved by country music fans throughout the Hill Country. He plays frequently in Fredericksburg , Stonewall, Kerrville , Sisterdale, Marble Falls , and Blanco and is a featured artist in Luckenbach each month. He has also been spotted beach bound, playing at The Back Porch, in Port Aransas, TX. These venues are in addition to a growing number of private party bookings. Thomas has written the words and music of more than 500 songs and has recorded seven CD’S. His first big hit song, “Perfectly Normal”, launched his career as a writer and singer of country music. In July 2004, it made Texas Music Radio’s Top 10 and stayed for 26 weeks until reaching #1 on the KVET Austin, TX. charts. In addition to his own CD’S, you will find Thomas` songs on several CDs of Texas legend, Gary P. Nunn. Thomas’ hits also include “Redneck Riviera ”, “Cow Pasture Pool”, “First Things First”, “Nowhere Fast”, “Huntin’ Season”, and “Perfectly Normal ” all written by Thomas Michael Riley. His Country Gospel CD, Cowboy Church , is scheduled for release in July 2005. It is certain to be a fan favorite, and the Thomas Michael Riley legend continues…..
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Thomas Michael Riley  07/16/2017            
Great musician
TMR is awesome performer and musician. His song have great story and meanings.
Thomas Michael Riley  04/02/2017            
Susan Shrader
Heard Thomas Michael Riley at a private party while at San Chicago King Ranch in March 2017. Funny stories, uplifting stories, and great musician.
Thomas Michael Riley  12/15/2016            
Ken Meek of Scotland [email protected]
Sitting in the Garden of Hodos bar in Fredrickburge June 2015 waiting for Tommy Alverson to begin his set when the big guy came in. I had no idea who he was then, but I was aware that he was popular with the audience. He was asked would he do some numbers and he said hed be happy to. He joined the company on stage for a few songs which left a lasting impression on both my wife and I,Particularly The List. We met him in the bar after the show and he was a pleasure to talk to .I bought his latest album, and gave him a copy of mine. I wonder if he ever plays it.
Thomas Michael Riley  07/14/2010            
Saw him at Love and War. Play his CDs in the truck now. Excellent country artist. Good luck Tom.
Thomas Michael Riley  06/02/2009            
I grew up cowboying with Tom back in Buckingham. He is the real deal. Listen to his albums and you know he has worked cows all his life.
Thomas Michael Riley  05/12/2008            
franklin street
He has a new cd/song out that is awesome, his best ever. There is a song called 'In the Garden'. I heard it on the radio and am trying to find it. Hopefully he will have it on this site soon. He wrote alot of Gary P. Nunn's songs and just keeps getting better. He also has a music fest coming up at Luckenbach with Monte Montgomery and Billy Joe Shaver. Can't wait!
Thomas Michael Riley  09/12/2007            
Buddy Case
If only all the singer/songwriters in America who are half as talented as Thomas Michael Riley were half as humble... A true example of what this whole music business should be about. This gentleman gets not only 5 stars as a musician, but as a person as well
Thomas Michael Riley  07/03/2007            
I met Tom back in 1972. We played together and shared apartments for 4 years. I never thought I would be a member of the Thomas Michael Riley fan club! His music's from the heart. He's truly a must see!
Thomas Michael Riley  05/06/2007            
Friends told us we needed to come to Love and War in Texas to see the show. They saw TMR while visiting Fredericksburg and really liked the show. Needless to say, we are hooked now and are doing our best to get Thomas to do the entertainment on our cruise next January. We are all keeping ou fingers crossed he will say YES!!! Love the show and can't wait to see all of you again soon.
Thomas Michael Riley  09/18/2006            
Stephanie Behrends
OMG! If you have never caught one of TMR's shows, then you can not call yourself a Texas Music lover! Thomas has the greatest personality, and smile, and makes you feel like you have known him all your life! It will make you wish you had! His music.....speaks for itself. Catch his show and you will become a fan and follower, such as myself! Luv ya, Tom!
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