Tim Scott

Tim Scott
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This is the year Tim Scott has long awaited. This singer/songwriter is about to release his debut album, Fabletown, and all it took was his love for music, his extraordinary songwriting abilities and his return to the Lonestar State. Two years after being born in El Paso, Texas, Tim’s father, an Air Force Officer, took their family on the road moving them from Hawaii to Florida and many states in between. Tim grew up meeting new people at every stop on the way. When he wasn’t out making new friends he would often sit in his room for hours listening to his favorite Lps: The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Dan Fogelberg and DennisWilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue. He also enjoyed watching classic movies from the 30’s and 40’s, at times setting his alarm clock to catch the 2:00 a.m. showing of Errol Flynn’s Captain Blood or John Wayne’s Stagecoach before setting off for a full day of school. Eventually, Tim found himself out on his own but still living the vagabond lifestyle. After a short stint at the University of Florida studying theater, a few months in Los Angeles checking out the movie scene and a short stay in New York City, Tim ended up back in Florida where his musical talent was put to use. He had been writing songs during all these moves and now began meeting other musicians and playing at local bars in St. Petersburg and St. Augustine. Though Tim enjoyed playing live while in Florida, he preferred spending most of his time in his small apartment studio working on his songwriting craft. He had been writing lyrics since as long as he can remember and had been playing the guitar since the age of sixteen when he decided to become a songwriter. Tim finally returned to his birth state of Texas in 2000 where he quickly realized he belonged. Tim did not waste anytime learning about the state and its well-known music scene. He was like a kid in a candy store and has now put his songwriting skills to use completing his first cd. Fabletown’s ten tracks make reference to history, prejudice, classic movies and even lost love, none of which Tim claims he experienced first hand. “I don’t write directly about my own experiences. I tend to observe other’s lives and expand on those while adding my own twist as the song unfolds.” Tim’s love for classic movies is apparent when he makes reference in his title track, “There was Gable and Grant, Errol Flynn, the Duke and I.” The piano rifts take you back in time to an old western saloon or a prohibition era speakeasy. Tim sings, “All I need is my imagination. In Fabletown I make up my own story lines.” Fabletown was recorded in New Braunfels with the local hill country musicians; Michael O’Connor (lead guitar for Slaid Cleaves and Susan Gibson), Jeff Plankenhorn (dobro for Ray Wylie Hubbard, Eliza Gilkyson, and Bruce Robison), Keith Carper (bass for Hal Ketchum), Nick Wallisch on drums, percussion and recorder, Johnny Arredondo (drummer for Ray Wylie Hubbard), Richard Bowden on fiddle, John Santos on harmonica and Pat O’Bryan on keyboards. Tim’s songs are layered with a wide range of all of these instruments in order to achieve the mood and feel of the songs and to be honest to the stories they tell. Aside from writing the lyrics and music for all ten songs on his cd, Tim also plays rhythm guitar and sings all lead and background vocals. His creativity has been influenced by such artists as Steve Earle, Bodeans, Paul Westerberg, Tom Petty and John Mellencamp. Now that Fabletown is ready for the public, Tim is ready to hit the road again. “I’ve waited a long time for this.” Making reference to the selection of songs that span some of his earlier works to songs he wrote specifically for this cd. “I used to perform around Florida’s local bars, playing with my friends and recording on my own, now...it is the real deal.”
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Average Rating : 3.8              Total Reviews: 4

Tim Scott  04/30/2008            
Very enjoyable. Great songwriting.
Tim Scott  06/04/2007            
I got this CD for free and wouldn't take it again if I had the chance. I am not even sure that this qualifies as Country music let alone Texas Country. Voice is not terrible but this CD offers nothing and I couldn't even make it all the way through.
Tim Scott  07/17/2006            
Love it, love it, love it. Spectacular songwriting and great tunes.
Tim Scott  03/14/2006            
Leslie T.
A great collection of songs and a talented songwriter. Perfect album to play non-stop begining to end. Great job and already looking forward to the next.
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