Tina & Walt Wilkins

Tina & Walt Wilkins
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"Be Mine", the powerful Tina and Walt Wilkins duet CD is launched! For those of us who know them the only surprise is "why" it took so long to find the time to generate this lovely production. Likely it was their committment to finding just the right music, self-written or otherwise to fufill the promise of this much considered effort. That and finding the exact musicians, artists and engineers to deliver on the promise.

This is a superbly arranged, performed, designed and "made", musical tribute to "Love" and more so to the artistic and familial relationship of Tina and Walt and to the possibilities for everyone else. Yeah, it's personal but that doesn't in the slightest way put these feelings beyond everyone's reach. Bravo! Nicely done.

Those of you who do not know these folks will nevertheless be able to make the connection and will absolutely tap into the humor, sincerity, romance, and joy in this music. There may even be a "big hit" in this mix so act soon and buy the CD. I've ordered 10 of them myself.

As with everything Tina and Walt "do" in the musical world the musicianship is world class. Ray Rodriguez, John Bush, Dick Gimble, Ron Flynt, Bart Dewin, Walt Wilkins, Bill Small, Jimmydaddy Davis, Corby Schaub, Brett Danaher, Kim Deschamps, Warren Hood and Rich Brotherton are all performing here and collectively they are spectacular. Walt, Tina and Ron[Flynt]produced the CD which was recorded at Jumping Dog Studio[Austin], mixed by Ron Flynt and mastered by jerry Tubb at Terra Nova[Austin].

Bill Worrell's "heart art" and photos by Elise Dawn and Dave Hensley set the tone before you have heard the first track. You know this is a special experience when your eyes rest on the inside front cover depicting Worrell's, "twined hearts rising" and across from that Tina and Walt welcoming us into their world. Julie Sckittone has designed the package as an inviting open door into tweleve beautiful tracks. You'll be smiling as you withdraw the CD for play.

The balance of authoritative voice between Tina and Walt is lovely. Each can and does "lead" as well as hormonize and the phrasing just fits perfectly. On "You'd Think By Now"[Tina M.Wilkins & Walt Wilkins]we are treated to some wonderful bi-play between them that'll make you grin. Taken together the 12 tracks give us swing, ballad, deep country, hymn by another name, folk, rock-a-baby and some of that very sweet Tina and Walt styling. This is an extravaganza of instumentation.

First pass "On A Dream With You"[Bob Livingston] was my favorite. Some passes later it was "Ireland"[Greg Trooper]. Then "Storms Never Last"[Jessie Colter]. Some additional passes and it was successively "Be Mine"[Kimmie Rhodes]then "You'd Think By Now"[Tina Wilkins/Walt Wilkins] and "We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds"[Melba Montgomery]. Many passes later I simply quit having a favorite track. This is a very "cool" set of tracks. The other songwriters are Lori Mckenna, Delany Bramlett,Davis Raines, Pamela Jackson, Randy Wayne Sitzler, Kieran Kane and Jamie O'Hara.

Yesterday was release day for this CD so they might be hard to find in your area BUT do not despair. Check out Walt Wilkins and or Tina Mitchell Wilkins websites and order them on line. If, like me, you like to buy at a local record store them go "hound" them to stock this product. Whatever it takes don't fail to own this CD. Buy 2 or more in fact.

Remember it is "Be Mine"--Tina and Walt Wilkins. It is the Highway 29 Records label.

It is beautiful, lovely and loving music. You'll listen to it over and over. You might recognize yourself or someone else as you listen to it. The themes are universal but Tina and Walt frame them in a marvelously accessible way. There is lifesaving humor and not just a little swinging bounce. It is fun. I think you keep the CD within easy reach for a very long time.

Go buy it!!

Support Texas music and Texas musicians and song writiers. Have fun listening.

ron dorchester

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Tina & Walt Wilkins   12/11/2014            
Cory hoover
When it comes to Walt and Tina Walkins, they will always get the highest rating. If you have never seen them in person, you are truly missing out. Two of the kindest souls you will ever meet.
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