Tom Ash

Tom Ash
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The Ash Family, a legendary family of Texas musicians, has been making original music for 30 years. This is Brother Tom's first solo CD, although he has been a major contributor to records by the Ashes and other groups. A world traveler and former actor, he has performed in Europe and Russia and has done film work in Asia. He has lived in Mexico City and Sri Lanka. Tom has played in Blues, Rock, Country, and World beat bands, always-contributing original music for them. He graduated summa cum laude in English Lit from Texas State and earned a Masters in Education there. For the last 10 years he has taught high school English in New Braunfels, Texas. He lives deep in the country near Kingsbury, Texas. 

About Big Blue World: 

We call it love...but what is it? Great philosophers and artists have been arguing over that one for thousands of years. On this record we've tried to answer the question for one life. The song cycle follows one man's life and loves through good and bad marriages and a life-changing brief encounter. Whose life? It's obviously influenced by my experience, but also by the fact that I'm a terrible eavesdropper. It's amazing how people reveal the joys and heartbreaks of their lives within earshot of total strangers. To overhear them is to be reminded over and over of the courage it takes to love.


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