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Tommy Miles
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I guess there's no better person to talk about the new cd then I, maybe a little insight on how it came about. Simple, I liked playing with my new band, Gritz-n-Gravy, that I wanted to make an album featuring them and the newer songs I'd been writing and we'd been doing. More raw and upbeat than Harmony-n-Gritz,Grittier!

Nine of the ten tracks, I wrote on my own, so came out much more personal. The tenth track I wrote with Spooner Oldham on a trip out to his place in Rogersville, Alabama.The title track,"I Got All That I Want", was written during the "Take Me Back Biloxi" sessions, but wasn't used. It was a statement that I wanted to make, so this album became the story of,"I Got All That I Want". Each track is influenced by the styles of music, of a perticular time and stage of my life. From bluegrass tinged sound of, "What I Need", to the "heavy" rock sound of "Still the Same", it's all different yet fermiliar. The title track speaks for itself, as shown on the cover art, which is a foto of me in my driveway with my stuff around me, that was "cartoonized"."Sorry You Wasted Your Time", is my take on the "Bakersfield" sound, and a absolute true feeling of a personal event."BooKoo Love", has the influence of growing up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, with all the great creole, cajun, jazz and funk, also a personal event."Still the Same", came about on a trip to Texas to play a gig at my friend Poodie Lockes' roadhouse, I hadn't seen Poodie in many years and the first thing he said to me was," man, you cut yer hair off, everybody I know that's cut their hair has changed".I replied that I was the same "asshole" I've always been and planted the seed of that song."Time To Pay", is the story of my generation and the payment we have to make for what we did thru the "wild times" of the late 70's & 80's, I was thinkin about friends and aquintences; Waylon, Delaney, Poodie and quite a few more that had died from their past and how their past is also mine."Drinkin Thing", I wrote with Spooner Oldham, cause there just wasn't anymore cryin in yer beer drinkin songs being done."Karma", another hometown feel with a "pitiful" message of, what goes around/comes around."You're My Girl", filling out my own on-line dating form on what I want in a woman."Lookin At You", I wrote for our fiddle player,Melissa Lynn Lincoln, cause she's so cute, but don't take the story literally, she's happilly married to Wes."What I Need", is my attempt to pay homeage to Flatt&Scruggs;, Jimm&Jesse;and Mr Monroe, in my own feeble way, I had great bluegrass players on this one with Melissa(fiddle), Thomas Shewmake(mandolin), from Shades Of Blue.
I want to thank all the guest players that contributed to this cd, Thanks for your time and talent, ya'll.To my nephew, Mike Poland, for the cool artwork, great job.Wes Lincoln(Melissa' husband) for doing the graphics.All the friends and family that contributed, "Many Thankyouzzz"

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