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Toni Price
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Toni Price (b. March 13, 1961, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a country-blues singer-songwriter and former resident of Austin, Texas. She currently resides in San Diego, CA. Her adoptive parents, the Prices, named her Luiese Esther after her grandmothers. Her first exposure to blues was through second-generation blueswoman Bonnie Raitt. Luiese later began to study the recordings of women blues singers such asSippie Wallace and Victoria Spivey, from whose music Raitt herself had learned. Luiese moved to New Jersey, where she started schooling and began singing, then moved to Nashville where a summer parks program featured a talent contest in her 10th year, which she entered as Toni Price. This was her first recorded appearance on a Nashville stage, belting out One Tin Soldier. Price's conservative family wasn't particularly musical: "Since I was adopted, they didn't know what to expect of me, and I believe you're born to do whatever it is you do - that maybe my [birth] parents were musical. Maybe not. But I knew as a little bitty child I was going to be a singer. I didn't know how you did it or know any musicians, but I knew I would get there." Price musically grew in Nashville, where she recorded a few country & western singles. However, she felt frustrated by the 'rigid' Nashville music industry. She accepted an invitation to play the South by Southwest music festival in Austin in 1989. The town's music fans "just responded so lovingly that I said that's it. I know where I belong." Here she met and learned from the locals, who included Clifford Antone, owner of Antone's blues nightclub, and Austin-area guitarists like Derek O'Brien, who produced her second album. Shortly after she began singing in country bars in Nashville, she hooked up with songwriter Gwil Owen, who wrote many of the songs on her debut, Swim Away. In her blues singing career, Price cites vocalists Aretha Franklin, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Patsy Cline, and Ray Charles as influences. Swim Away and Price's second album, Hey (1995), received praise from both fans and critics. She has been often compared with Patsy Cline ("Patsy Cline on a Harley") and Bonnie Raitt. Price has won numerous awards, including Female Vocalist of the Year (1994-97), Album of the Year (Hey), Song of the Year (Tumbleweed) and Blues Artist of the Year. Her third album, Sol Power, was recorded at a club in Texas's remote town of Alpine. Sol Power is an acoustic live set from the Railroad Blues Club - in a tiny town in the picturesque southwestern desert lands of Texas. The landscape there inspired the band to, in Toni's words, "take it to the limit." Low Down and Up (1999) followed, and then came Midnight Pumpkin, released in 2001. Her latest album was Born to be Blue (2003). Except for infrequent appearances in Houston, Dallas, or an occasional music festival elsewhere, Price stays close to home and her daughter Della. "I have a sweet situation here," Price told John Burnett of NPR. "I don't have to go anywhere. People come and see me and I'm so, so lucky." Price performed at the wedding of Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder in Taos, New Mexico, on July 4, 2002. Toni Price has always composed music on her own terms; she refuses to go out and even does not stand up while performing every Tuesday night at the Continental Club in Austin, where music lovers feel that Toni Price has the same star potential as other musical talents such as Jimmie Vaughan, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lyle Lovett, and Nanci Griffith that the town produced. However, she seems disinterested in the dynamics of fame: "My favorite thing someone says to one of my friends is, 'Why isn't she famous?' I love when they say that because that means they think maybe I'm good enough to be famous. To me, famous looks like a lot of work."
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12/31/2008 - With Keen and Price, music roams and stays home - Read More
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Toni Price  10/12/2009            
Over the years, I have purchased Toni Price's CD's in the order they were released. However, I missed out on the most recent two. I was first introduced to her on the independent radio station KPFT, and wish there was a way for mainstream radio to take on more artists like her. She really can't be compared to other artists. She is a force in her own right, and you have to hear it to understand it. "Swim Away" - I love this CD. Over the years (because I do listen to this CD regularly) I have really grown to appreciate the acoustic's on the title track. My main reason for purchasing the CD was for the way she sings the blues. I can't express how wonderful this particualar CD is. "Hey" - This CD is a little more fast beat and raw than the initial album. But, don't let that scare you, if you're wanting more of the original. It is Texas blues mixed with a little rock and roll, and she has the voice and band to pull it off. A MUST for the collection, because it gives you a new side of Toni and is always great when you're looking for a little of that ice-house type music. "Sol Power" - By far my most favorite of the CD's I own (ALL CD's -- from everyone out there that I buy). I have travelled to Terlingua for a Chili Cook-off for many years. It embodies everything West Texas, including the funky side. It's live, acoustic, and makes me ache for the wide-open spaces and freedom of being on a desert highway. As someone else mentioned - "It is like an old friend". "Low Down and Up" - Blusey, jazzy, and a few Texas-esce type tracks. Don't think you need another Toni Price CD? Oh, yes you do! I got to see her at the Mucky Duck in Houston sometime after the Sol Power CD and a little before (or after) this one. If you can catch her live, do it. "Midnight Pumpkin" - A good portion of this CD is contemplative and deliberate. It was never one of my favorites, but after listening to it again today, I recall just why I have it in my collection. And not just a few "samples" either -- the WHOLE CD. What a wonderful mix. Just to keep it in perspective, she adds in the right amount of funkyness and Texas-flair (not country! because there really is a difference). Just a little, is all you need, to remember where you want to be. I'm listening to the other CD samples today. Will be making a few more purchases in the near future and happy to hear that Toni is back in Austin. I'll try to get there soon to see a set. :)
Toni Price  01/09/2008            
Toni Price  12/31/2007            
what is up?
what is up with the person that has no name and types in letters that make no sense? get a life or get bold and put your name. you could not do this on any other website without anyone knowing who you are. what a crock and we can't even take you seriously. haha. good luck friend. we support the music!
Toni Price  11/10/2007            
A great album! The opening cut, "Dean and Brandy" is worth the cost of admission. Rockin', soulful, Texas to the bone. Love it! 10 stars!
Toni Price  08/04/2007            
Fan since swimmin' in '93...Love you blue gal! Aches and pain, never been quite the same since I found as you, I am blue like you, blue as blue is blue. thank you make your charity known...we want to help
Toni Price  01/21/2006            
oz yanez
The best chick in the buzznezz love your work....oz yanez 2824 park ave s#2 Minneapolis,mn. 55407 p.s. sylvias brother
Toni Price  01/11/2006            
Robert Wheeler
Toni, Possesses a nice singing voice. I was glad to introduce her to the Litature of the Blues, but I think my Poetry could add much force and Imagination to her lyrics. John Fahey walked down the hall to my Room, outside the Library, on a number of occassions, remarking, hearing Toni and Sue Foley on my Stereo:"Who... er...Pretty Good, Robert." For Fahey such a compliment is comparable to an Emmy. "John goe back to your room, Timber is going to tear your throat out, if you don't use your medicine tonight."
Toni Price  01/11/2006            
I first heard her on NPR since then I have bought all her CD's and am waiting on her next, also am planing a trip to Texas to see her live "Awesome singer can't get enough
Toni Price  04/30/2004            
Sol Power is the real thing. Or should I say "thang..." The Queen of Texas Blues reigns supreme and I can't think of anything more than to say there's no one like her anywhere.
Toni Price  08/21/2003            
SO MANY of the reviewers are cloudy when it comes to telling the difference between TALENTED ARTISTS vs. talented BULLSHITERS. Let me help you here: Talented artist: Toni Price. If you haven't heard Toni Price live, you haven't heard Toni Price. This HIPPIE CHICK played JULIA ROBERTS wedding (the most recent, not the one to Lyle) . . . She DEFINES what South Austin is, she is an Austin Music and Texas Music institution --- so for you who have not had a chance to be mesmorized by this country/blues singing nymph, check her out during her Hippie Hour early Tuesday evenings at the Continental Club (another Austin music institution) OR at the Cactus Jazz and Blues Festival in San Angelo, Texas in early September. SHE'S SO MUCH MORE THAN TEXAS, TACOS, BEER, TERLINGUA, and TUBING.:)
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