Tres Womack

Tres Womack
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Tres grew up in Brownwood, Texas and now lives near Austin. A former teacher and coach, he joined the Texas music scene four years ago with the 5-song EP “real simple”. In 2006 he contributed to a “limited release” live record as a member of the get-o-cowboys. Since that time, he’s stayed busy fronting both his own band and the “get-o-cowboys.” Four years later, he’ll finally debut a full-length CD titled "freak show" (January 2008) featuring 12 unique songs all penned by Womack. The new record features a host of “Texas” talent including Keith Davis, James Hertless, Mike Henretty, Ron D’Argenio, (all former or current members of Brandon Rhyder’s band) Seth Allen (Josh Grider), Luke Adair, Josh Droegemueller, (get-o-cowboys & Luke and B) Tim Womack, Rob Stiteler, Scott Saunders, and Drew Womack (All former “Sons of the Desert” members). The project was tracked at five different locations in Austin and Nashville over a 14 month span. While putting the finishing touches on his debut CD, Tres teamed up with songwriters Josh Droegemueller and Luke Adair (Luke and B) on their first "get-o-cowboys" studio effort. They finished tracking this November with familiar’s Hertless, Henretty, and D’Argenio. Austin notables Kimberly Kelly, John Garr, and Malfred Milligan lent their talents as well. ”freak show” is now available through
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Tres Womack  03/18/2008            
I had the honor of hearing many of these great tracks early on, live and some even in my own living room! Tres has a unique sound and style that grows on you and never lets go. The music itself is creative and catchy, the lyrics just rock and his voice reminds me of the days back in the early 90's when I worked in a record store - the alternative voices that played so often over our in-store can certainly hear that influence on Tres. Bravo, my friend. Now get the Get-O-Cowboys album out, too, and let's see your fan-base grow!
Tres Womack  12/05/2007            
True Country from True Country!
Tres Womack  10/05/2006            
This is one truly gifted singer/songwriter. All his music is from the heart and he's a true Texas treasure...just listen to his music!!!!
Tres Womack  09/19/2006            
Uno dos Tres
Saw Tres not too long ago. He shared his blow and his story. It gave me a big grin.
Tres Womack  08/17/2006            
The Pearl
Congrats Tres Womack! "Best Musician" in the Best of Bastrop County poll...
Tres Womack  05/02/2006            
Genuine Oyster Bar
We love Tres!!! The music just feels real, he doesn't try to "sound" like anything or anyone....he just IS. Great songs too- "Rawley" is fave. Honest and good music from a really cool guy. And I LOVE it when he sings "Sunday Morning Coming Down"!!!!!
Tres Womack  03/08/2006            
Bric B
Finally an artist with a distinct Texas sound that is original. Not a Pat Greene copy like most of these guys, Womack is a true artist making music that people can feel not just here.
Tres Womack  02/04/2006            
I played golf with Tres today, we were paired up together. You could not find a nicer person to play a round with. I will definatly go to hear him play.
Tres Womack  09/16/2005            
I have seen Tres Womack play and the man is a stud. The music is incredible and the band rocks. Everything about it is perfect. Tres seems like the kinda guy you would enjoy floating the river with.
Tres Womack  04/24/2005            
This guy can sing. I was in Houston this week and heard him play. I saw this big guy and his side kick and both had amazing voices, completely unexpected for a Bar-B-Que restaurant on a Saturday night.
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