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Before there was Americana, before there was Texas Country, Two Tons of Steel front man Kevin Geil and his original band, “Dead Crickets,” rocked a sound that blended the best of musical worlds and pushed the envelope of “Texas” sound with a signature brand of high-energy country meets raw punk.


The San Antonio-based group packed the small bars and local hangouts and quickly became the Alamo City’s most-loved band, earning them a spot on the cover of Billboard Magazine in 1996. It was the beginning of a twenty year journey for Geil and the 4-piece ensemble.


Releasing “Two Tons Of Steel” in 1994 and “Crazy For My Baby” in 1995 on Blue Fire Records, a sponsorship deal with Lone Star Beer quickly followed. Dead Crickets, renamed Two Tons of Steel in 1996 began traveling outside of Texas, including stops at the Grand Ole’ Opry in Nashville, Tenn., the National Theater in Havana, Cuba, and European tours, to greet fans who had embraced their Texas-born sound. In 1996 they released “Oh No!” on their independent label, “Big Bellied Records.” They followed up the passion project with a live recording at the legendary Gruene Hall in Gruene, Texas, taped during a Two Ton Tuesday Show 1998.


In 2013, the band marks 18 years of “Two Ton Tuesday Live from Gruene Hall.” The summer-long event drew 13,000 fans in 2012 and more than 150,000 fans since it began its annual run in 1995.


The popular concert series was captured in “Two Ton Tuesday Live,” a DVD-CD combo released on Palo Duro Records in 2006. Also that year, the band’s first national release, “Vegas,” produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Lloyd Maines on the Palo Duro label, took them to No. 7 on the Americana Music Charts and was one of the top 20 releases of 2006. Two Tons released “Not That Lucky” in 2009. The album peaked at No. 4 on the Americana Music Charts and has made Two Tons of Steel a band to watch in 2013.


Along the way, the band has collected a number of awards. To date, Two Tons has cleaned up at home, winning "Band of the Year" on 12 separate occasions and "Album of the Year" for its self-titled debut. Two Tons has also been named "Best Country Band" by the San Antonio Current ten times. Geil also has nabbed 'Best Male Vocal' honors four times.

Two Tons of Steel’s reach extends beyond their live gigs. In 2003, the band was filmed during a “Two Ton Tuesday” gig for the IMAX film, "Texas: The Big Picture," which can be seen daily at the IMAX Theatre in the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin and has been seen as far away as Japan.  The band also has been featured as supporting characters in award-winning author Karen Kendall's romance novel, "First Date."

Two Tons Of Steel, Kevin Geil, Jake “Sidecar” Marchese on Upright Bass, Brian Duarte on Lead Guitar and Paul Ward on Drums continues to push the line between country and punk with its next project “Unraveled” produced by Lloyd Maines, due out July 2, 2013.

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Two Tons Of Steel  10/27/2013            
Two Tons Of Steel  10/25/2013            
Scott Hammil
Two Tons of Steel are a Central Texas tradition, and still one of the best bands out there rocking out the Texas circuit. with all great bands that tear up the road year in and year out changes are bound to come as sure as broken down vans, problems with amplifiers and creative differences. So, it bears saying that this is not the same Two Tons we have loved and followed through the years. The one-two punch that were their last two albums- Vegas and Not That Lucky, doesn't culminate with a trilogy that would have been as classic a three part act as Rubber Soul through Sgt. Pepper, at least as far as Countrybilly is concerned. There is however, promise with the new young guns frontman Kevin Geil has recruited, and the new album is far from bad. The title Unraveled may very well reference the just over a year old meltdown that was last October's Two Tons implosion, but the record feels contrary to a fraying unit. The album is mostly tight, focused and brimming with cowpunk energy. (The rockabilly shades are way dialed down this time.) Geil has always been an accomplished and at times great songwriter, and he delivers more pop gems like the Hollyesque Love Shouldn't Be So Hard, and the blast off opener Really Want You Girl. The Augie Meyers tune Crazy Heart really steals the show, and it's no wonder it's gotten the most airplay, being just a great song that Geil sings his heart out on. Other tunes on the album fall flat, and some are just plain bad. Pool Cue seems a half assed attempt at Outlaw Country, and sounds like it should have been a Waylon B-side on a Finland only release. Album closer Can't Stop Us Now is full on punk, but Geil's voice is just not suited to the hard hitting delivery such a heavy tune requires. The new band members do their best after less than a year in the band and are all great players, though in particular Paul Ward's drumming comes nowhere near the bump and bop of Chris Dodds' imaganitive skin pounding. So, overall the album is good, not great. I, like many long time Two Tons fans was devastated when the news broke that Geil had fired drummer Chris Dodds and founding member Dennis Fallon. While Dodd's subsequent (and quite unnecessary) mega-blog attempted to theorize why the firings happened, only Geil knows what prompted him to dismiss the two. Whatever the reasons are, Fallon is the most missed. New wunderkind Brian Duarte is a fabulous player and not lacking in proficiency. Still, one misses Fallon's hooks and memorable riffs that complimented Geil's originals. What's more, Two Tons without Fallon just doesn't sound like Two Tons, just like U2 would be without the Edge, Dwight Yoakam after Pete Anderson, and hell even The Stones without Keef. One can't help but be mystified when a front man starts believing he IS the band, but here we are. The tension between anyone after 20 years must be something that can become unbearable if you let it, and it's sad that it came to this. The lighter crowds at 2013's Two Ton Tuesday at Gruene Hall certainly showed the effects of losing 3 key members, (though bassist Chris Rhoades left on more amicable terms if his farewell show is any indication. ) So, Unraveled is a good record, and if Fallon and Geil don't reunite in the next few years this is the version of Two Tons we're stuck with for awhile. Here's hoping the highlights of the new record will translate into a more solid affair for Geil and his new band in their next one
Two Tons Of Steel  04/19/2010            
This is the BEST BAND in Texas. I have seen them perform live so many times and have loved every performance. Dancing to their music is awesome! They perform in high energy and sometimes you just don't know what to expect. If you haven't heard this band yourself a favor and go to one of their performances. It just takes one time to be hooked. Houston Texas loves TWO TONS!
Two Tons Of Steel  03/29/2010            
We saw the band play Rockabilly Prom NIte in Kansas City at Knuckleheads Saloon. They rocked ! Also saw Wanda Jackson ! Tow Tons is an exciting, vibrant and just plain fun band to watch. And really nice guys too !!!
Two Tons Of Steel  08/26/2009            
sgt soul spank
These guys are the real deal. In an age of mediocre Texas music, these guys are among those whose name deserves to be synonymous with Texas music. They respectfully preserve the old-school feel-good type of sound with their own fresh and unique originality. They have a ton of heart and personality (I've met them a couple times) and put up a stellar live performance every time. Do yourself a huge favor and buy all of their CDs. Do the same with Dale Watson and Wayne Hancock too! Vote with your dollar folks, or the mediocre "Texas Country" artists will continue to pervade our collective consciousness on into 2010!
Two Tons Of Steel  08/18/2009            
A great CD...their best effort yet! This CD comes close to capturing some of the atmosphere of their live shows. Get it; you won't regret it!
Two Tons Of Steel  07/23/2009            
I've watched these guys dozens of times in Houston over the years,and they never dissapoint live!Their music makes you want to dance.It's always awesome!!!!
Two Tons Of Steel  11/22/2008            
Dave Peraldo
Hey Kevin, I don't know you but I sure have heard a lot about the band from your brothers Chip and Steve. I'm the drummer in their band. I have never heard you all before until I just finished listening to the samples off your albums. Just like they said fantastic vocals, harmonies and instrumentation. Can't wait to meet you and see a live performance. Dave
Two Tons Of Steel  02/13/2008            
I truly love Texas music, but Two Tons of Steel really is the top of the class. I have seen dozens of the bands listed here, Two Tons is the best of the best.
Two Tons Of Steel  08/13/2007            
My hat is off to Two Tons of Steel! It is one thing when you see this amazing band wild and live at Gruene Hall on Two Ton Tuesday; but when you see them at a new and little known venue with only the tiniest crowd and these guys are giving the same kind of energy, the same high powered performance...that is class! I love this band! Thank you Two Tons of Steel!
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