Tyler Wade

Tyler Wade
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Tyler comes from a hard working family from Seymour Texas. There he learned the value of working hard and taking pride in his work. We first met Tyler back in 2006 when he came in to pitch some songs he had written. Over time, he began working with other artist on the label. He never complained or showed any sign of jealousy he just did what he was asked and in the privacy of his own mind he wrote four songs we call “A” songs. He also developed skills on stage and in the studio that he heard us teaching to other artist and applied them to his show. It was hard not to notice that Tyler was out shining everyone he shared a stage with, he developed into a pro. As a reward I took him to Nashville to hang out at Tanya Tuckers ranch. One night while she was cooking dinner for us and some people from CMT ( and yes she does cook) Tyler started playing for Tanya, Tanya liked one of his songs so much she asked if she could record it (I aint GOD and I aint George Jones). The people from CMT told me “You know you have a monster artist on your hands”. I have had the honor to work with a lot of legendary artist as well as break out artist in my career. Based on what I say watch out for Tyler Wade because he will set the world on fire and when the smoke clears he will still be this likable West Texas Boy.
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