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Just as the pecan trees grow where they will, and the south wind blows warm, muggy air off the Gulf of Mexico most days of the year, The Washers have put somewhat of a stamp on the Texas coastal prairie. For the past four years, the noise of clanging strings, loud singing of heartache or celebration, and the stomping of worn-out boots on hardwood floors of dives and dance halls has come from the band in the direction of anyone who will listen.

Their noise is familiar, yet most may find it a bit hard to pin it down. Rhythmic elements of country music definitely abound, but those pieces can’t cleanly be picked away from something that is undoubtedly….louder. Harmonizing lead guitar riffs take a listener back to rock and roll from decades ago, but most times they are juxtaposed by the jangling of acoustic strings. And to confuse ears even more, they have three lead singers, and at any given point, there are up to four voices singing in unison!

At any rate, The Washer’s sound isn’t forthrightly rock and roll, country, folk, or any other discerning genre you want to place it directly in….it bounces from each to the next, floats somewhere between, and fits easiest in the ever-changing boundaries of music called Americana.

The uncommon sound of The Washers is due to the vastly different backgrounds of its memebers, who are drummer Mike Faltysek, guitarist/vocalist Todd Janik, guitarist/vocalist Justin Wilcox, guitarist Shane Boeker, and bassist/vocalist Matt Kopycinski.

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Average Rating : 4.8              Total Reviews: 5

Washers  04/17/2012            
Quite a gaggle of songs here...15 to be exact. 4 vocalists, all with distinctly different sounding voices...I imagine that they worked this out somewhat like The Eagles or Band of Heathens (for a more modern reference), where the songwriter takes the lead. If this is the case, the group of songs in themselves is quite diverse, style-wise....which keeps me delighted, and thoroughly entertained. The record almost feels more like a compilation than a single band, but when listened to in depth, the distinct elements of what makes The Washers' sound is very apparent. I'm picky, so I did not give the album 5 stars based on a few quirks that may have been overlooked (or maybe were completely on purpose?) during production, like some mumbly-sounding words, a couple of lyrics that make no sense, and an odd-sounding movie quote at the beginning of a song. Other than those things, I thoroughly enjoy the effort, and hope to be catching these guys play soon.
Washers  04/13/2012            
The washers are a must see. They will make your ears bleed! Best I've seen in a long time.
Washers  06/29/2010            
Buy this album!! These guys are awesome and they sure do rock!!
Washers  05/24/2010            
One group that is a must to see. We've seen them in Tilden and in Victoria. The shows are a must to see. Energy is a plus with this group. If you like solos then the guitar solos will send you over the edge.
Washers  05/19/2010            
These guys rock. Period. Live shows with lots of energy and great original tracks. A new act worth listening to twice in a scene that has gotten bland. Check these guys out.
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