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Wayne Hancock
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"I want to jump the blues and make the hard times swing.” So opens Wayne The Train’s seventh full-length album, and fourth for Bloodshot, and it’s a deft proclamation of his unwavering belief in the curative energy of juke joint swing. Since his 1995 debut Thunderstorms and Neon Signs, Wayne’s fierce devotion to the giants in the county music pantheon and his staunch refusal to acknowledge the dross that has followed make his output and outlook downright radical. Man, there ain’t a problem that can’t be salved by his brand of stripped down, intensely rhythmic amalgam of hillbilly, roadhouse blues, honky-tonk, rockabilly and hep-cat boogie. It’s an infectious and unpretentious sound telling quotidian tales of driving your life away, throwing your money away, playing the slots and twisting one up with your friends, and rich with a strain of populism that shimmies all the way back to Jimmie Rodgers, one that makes the holes in your roof and holes in your shoes all part of our common humanity. It’s all played with an old school musicianship and a stand-on-the-edge-of-the stage immediacy that rockets out of the speakers. Yeah, Wayne might be a throwback, but his conviction and energy kick to the curb any preconceived notions about what that means. Just check out that fuzzed out James Burton-styled guitar solo on “Dog House Blues,” the straight up stand-up bass breakdown on “Throwin’ Away My Money” or the jazz inflected git runs on “Freight Train Boogie.” Even when he sings on the hard times like “the rich folks call it recession, but the poor folks call it depression” in “Workin’ at Workin’,” this Austin, TX native does it with a big smile and keeps the dance floor full, calling out solos to crack players like a modern day Bob Wills. Hell, you can even dance to his murder ballads. Check out “Your Love and His Blood” and “Moving On #3” if you don’t believe us. Produced by long time collaborator Lloyd Maines (Joe Ely, Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Dixie Chicks), Viper of Melody is a tick-tight organic affair full of first takes and a near telepathic interplay by the band. It’s not surprising given that this band clocks in 200+ shows a year. If you live somewhere between Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon, you’re likely going to get a chance to see for yourself.
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Average Rating : 4.5              Total Reviews: 13

Wayne Hancock  09/18/2009            
Wayne is the sh*t!!! And I mean that in the best way possible! This guy who reviewd this and gave it two stars should go listen to Taylor Swift and give his Train Cd to someone who knows good music...Now I don't mean to be harsh but if you don't like Wayne Hancock you don't like music.
Wayne Hancock  12/08/2006            
Boss Hoss
Now this is living on Tulsa time. Went to his show recently not only say Wayne but hung out with him a little before the show. Great show lot of energy and fun. Honky Tonk at its best. MAN! I don't think Wayne and the Professor can make a bad record. It they did it would be called Pop Country and Big and Rich would be on it.
Wayne Hancock  10/17/2006            
Double Clutchin' Daddy
The new wayne is very consistant throughout the cd... various elements of Wills Swing and slappin' doghouse bop, good disc and plenty o' steel & take off lead. buy it and support the Train!
Wayne Hancock  09/22/2006            
taylor haese
Wayne you kick ass i need another CD hurry
Wayne Hancock  02/28/2006            
El Hombre
One of the greats of the Texas Music scene who, sadly, is more appreciated outside of Texas than within the state. Honest, hardcore, real country music with a punch. No pretense, no BS, what you see and hear is what you get. All at once his live shows take me back to a simpler place, makes me wanna get up and dance and just makes me forget all about the real world and all it's worries and concerns. The hardest working band in Texas, with 3 hour non-stop shows not uncommon. One of the jewels of the Texas scene and all you music scene kiddies should check out Hancock.
Wayne Hancock  05/15/2005            
Crazy Curley
had a hell of time at GRENADA in Dallas THANKS Wayne CURLEY
Wayne Hancock  10/26/2004            
Great songwriting!
Wayne Hancock  02/29/2004            
Folks, I have a confession. Due to outstanding warrants and a myriad of drug dealers I know like family, I currently reside in Phoenix, Az. Kiss your sister on the mouth naked and that is how I would compare the experience of Arizona living. So, when I read that Wayne the Train was coming to town, I basically made every blue hair at the VFW hall listen to his records, over and over, til 87 Southbound was on everyones lips and my ass was going back to Texas at least for one nite. THen Wayne cancelled, and I went to a bar where Seal is considered cutting edge and told yuppies to go to hell for three hours straight. Then I went to Botox and sodomized my dog. Phoenix sux, thanks Wayne.
Wayne Hancock  02/02/2003            
This album kicks ass!
Wayne Hancock  02/24/2002            
"Millers, Jack and Mad Dog will do you every time... They're no good for staying to the right side of that line... If Johnny Law don't get you, somebody else could die... So do yourself a favor, don't go driving while your high..." A-Town Blues is incredible...
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