Weary Boys

Weary Boys
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The Weary Boys story begins in 2000, when three friends, Brian Salvi, Darren Hoff and Mario Matteoli, left Northern California for Austin, Texas to make a living playing music. In a place like Austin, Texas, of course, aspiring musicians arrive everyday. Something about The Weary Boys, though, was different. Initially, the young trio toiled in trenches of a notoriously competitive music scene. Their first jobs were on street corners, and their first payments were mainly in coins. Almost immediately, however, word of the young California vagabonds began to crisscross the circuits of Austins music scene. With their huge cowboy hats, tattered jeans, and the infectiously manic combination of telecaster, propulsive rhythm guitar, demented fiddle and close harmony singing, the young trio snapped Austin music lovers awake. In many ways, The Weary Boys seemed to have stepped out of Austins musical past, reminding people of the reasons Austin first gained fame as the home of outlaw country music in the 1970s. In rapid succession, street corner gave way to happy hour, happy hour to opening slot, opening slot to headlining slot, headlining slot to festival stage. Ace Austin bassist Darren Sluyter joined the band, and later, hometown friend and drummer Cary Ozanian was brought in. By the Summer of 2001 and the release of their first album, The Weary Boys had dramatically ascended to the top of the Austin music scene. Building on their popularity and critical acclaim in Austin, The Weary Boys ventured into neighboring states, establishing enclaves of support in cities throughout the South and Southwest, particularly in towns with vibrant interest in roots music, such as Lafayette, Louisiana, Seattle Washington and Tuscon, Arizona. In the process, they have also opened shows for the likes of Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson, Leon Russel, The Drive-By Truckers, Southern Culture on the Skids and many others. They have played in backyards, front yards, notorious dives, not-so notorious dives, festival stages and the Angola State Penitentiary (twice). In the independent tradition of Austin musicians, The Weary Boys have maintained control over their music, releasing an album every year, managing and booking themselves. In their fifth and latest release, Jumping Jolie, they continue to mine the fertile musical ground between country, bluegrass and rock and roll, creating a sound that defies strict classification. Texas has been good to Weary Boys and they have returned the favor. A band of outlaws in an outlaw town in a state that does things its own way, The Weary Boys continue to remind us what country music is all about.
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Average Rating : 4.7              Total Reviews: 29

Weary Boys  02/24/2007            
J.D. Bailey
If you've never seen this band play live, or at least heard their CDs... you're wasting your life away!
Weary Boys  07/12/2006            
The Weary Boys have to be the most purely FUN band I've experienced live. The shows are high energy--more so than most rock shows. I was an instant fan--it took my husband 3 shows and he was a complete convert--and this from a man who says "turn that off" when I play Patsy Cline--country is not his thing. But the Weary Boys are true old time foot stomping country that ROCKS--they're hard not to love regardless of your favorite music genre. Great original songs blend flawlessly with the classics as you've never heard them. I loved the sight of a guy in a Nine Inch Nails tour shirt singing along to an intense version of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" (the usual closing song it seems) at the Gruene Hall show on the 4th of July. Mario Matteoli's new solo record is a departure--sweet and soft and dark and intelligent songs, harsh but never mean and delivered in a voice that wraps itself around inside your head--it's a permanent resident in my CD player. I can't believe that 6 weeks ago I'd never heard of these guys--they should be world famous. They're in Austin this month (they tour a LOT) so catch a show or two and find out just how good they are.
Weary Boys  06/26/2006            
Robert White
Weary Boys  06/22/2006            
MY Daughter just hit me with a copy of their CD which she picked up at a show in Phoenix AZ. WOW I can sum it up in two words -KICK ASS
Weary Boys  02/17/2006            
betsy from austin
i accidentally discovered these amazingly talented guys about 5 yrs ago and i NEVER miss a show. (well okay, i've missed about 6 or 7 in 5 yrs.) i listen to at least 1 (but usually all 4) of their cd's every day and i can't wait for the new one to come out in april. and mario matteoli has his first solo cd coming out, too. i'm from the 'live music' capitol of the world and I go hear a lot of music but I have NEVER come across ANY band as talented and energizing and FUN as the weary boys. awe-inspiring! go see 'em, buy all their cd's, follow them around, whatever it takes to soak 'em all up. i never get tired of seeing them, or listening to them. They kick ass...and take names.
Weary Boys  01/16/2005            
talented musicians with no class
Weary Boys  05/26/2004            
These guys are Hot. They have energy. They have talent. They know and they play REAL country. See em, buy their CDs. You won't be dissapointed. I love em.
Weary Boys  05/25/2004            
Listened to the "Weary Blues" CD, 6 hours all the way to the Smoky Mountains...AWESOME blend of county, bluegrass, roots and jam!
Weary Boys  04/07/2004            
Listening made me weary...
Weary Boys  12/13/2003            
Jayme from Atlanta
Very energetic and full of life. Its so clear that this band is passionate about the music and the culture. It just pours out of every song. I love the authenticity I feel when I listen to the music. So many phony bands out there these days, and its pretty darn refreshing to find a talented group of gentleman with some genuine heart for what they do. I saw them live in Atlanta and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I couldn't stay still. I had to dance! There's definate bluegrass influence with some honky-tonk. These guys are amazing. Keep on stompin'!
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