Wes Nickson

Wes Nickson
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From his heart-touching ballads to his hard-rocking riffs, native Texan Wes Nickson is a booming presence brimming with a stunning breadth of musical styles that runs the gamut from southern rock to traditional country to blues. Born and raised in West Texas, Nickson is a soulful balladeer who wears his heart on his sleeve while pouring it into his songs. An accomplished songwriter who penned his first tune in high school, Nickson is blessed with a voice that is as diverse as it is divine, a powerful instrument that can be heart-tuggingly tender one second and rip-roaringly rebellious the next. He cut his teeth by incessantly scribbling song lyrics into his notebook and by taking advantage of open mic and songwriter nights whenever possible. Almost always, Nickson stole the show. Turns out some things never change. He is stealing shows still today. Nickson possesses an uncanny ability to captivate acoustically or accompanied by a band, a comfort zone no doubt honed by two years at Levelland’s South Plains College studying in the same music program that brought the world such gifted musicians as Natalie Maines, Lee Ann Womack and Keith Gattis. Musically, Nickson’s an immensely talented Swiss Army Knife whose myriad moving styles were beautifully displayed on “Tired of Waitin’,” his tour de force debut album. The album’s up-tempo title track was an instant hit that served as the entertainer’s first radio single and was responsible for landing Nickson on no less than five Top 20 charts in Europe. The more subdued follow-up single, “Barely Holdin’ On,” resonated just as strongly with fans, who have listened to Nickson’s most popular songs almost 100,000 times on his MySpace page. Today, Nickson is diligently working on his highly anticipated follow-up album (due to drop early next year) while also maintaining an ever hectic touring schedule.
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Average Rating : 4.7              Total Reviews: 28

Wes Nickson  12/26/2015            
Roger Moss
We heard him perform outdoors at the Salt Lick and enjoyed his lyrics, music and delivery. Love to hear more of him.
Wes Nickson  05/15/2015            
Melanie Zepp
Wes is an upstanding guy with a heart of gold and a voice to match. He performed at our backyard party and was just awesome. Definitely someone to watch. Wes is going to great places.
Wes Nickson  04/08/2010            
I have watched this fella for many years and he just keeps getting better and better. It's so much fun to go to his live shows and watch him rock out the place. He really knows what he's doing when it comes to writing a great song. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!
Wes Nickson  02/18/2010            
Wes is a great songwriter..he really puts his heart and soul into every word and every note. He is finally getting some of the credit he deserves for being such a pure, raw talent. I hope his next album will be just as amazing. He is a must see or atleast a must hear!
Wes Nickson  12/30/2008            
Amazing, pure voice! Talented songwriter, each song so heartfelt and beautiful. Can't wait for his next album.
Wes Nickson  03/03/2008            
Marisa aka Shortie
Definitely something new and fresh! These guys are the next big thing! Not only a great CD but AWESOME to see live... and fun to shoot the sh*t with. ;) They've got my VOTE! xo
Wes Nickson  07/17/2007            
From the moment track one starts, you are taken on a soulful rollercoaster of emotion full of upbeat,feelgood songs, and slow moving ballads that are sure to coax emotion from deep within. If this album were released with a major label, it would surely be a top seller nationwide!
Wes Nickson  12/31/2006            
Fort Lauderdale
Hey Man..I gotta tell ya..You guys sound badass..Your Music has reached Fort Lauderdale..Thats gotta tell ya somethin..Keep it up!
Wes Nickson  12/14/2006            
Tired of Listening
Unoriginal and boring
Wes Nickson  11/24/2006            
There's a girl that used to sing with you that was awesome? Is she still in your band?
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