Will Dunlap

Will Dunlap
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Will's grandmother 'Dorthy Brown' was a soprano on Broadway who worked with and knew personally the great Irving Berlin! From an early age Will learned a lot about performance from sitting at the piano and watching her sing and play classics from the 30's 40's and 50's. Will grew up also listening to his dad singing and playing folk guitars at local parties ect....In the 1970's Will was a drummer who helped build the Denver based 'Lightning' into a successful rock and roll show band.During those days 'Wild' Will was known simply as Bill Dunlap.They used to have regular jam sessions with the likes of the now internationally famous sax player Nelson Rangell and recording artist Jill Sobule.He later studied drums at Berkley College of Music in Boston and Bass & theory at North Texas State in Denton Tx.In 1980 Will moved to Austin and got his first shot at the big time when singer Vicky Southern took his songs into the studio to record with some of Austin's best.During this period he co-wrote lots of songs with friend Mark Dorsey and first met his long term band mates:Carl Childs,Sam McBurnett and J.D. Higginbotham.Will,Carl and the boys had two Austin Bands that played all the old haunts. In the 90's he freelanced as the drummer with the J.W. Davis Jazz group that featured the late great Pat Patterson on trumpet!Latin Percussionist Jorge DeArmas joined the band in 1995 and Viola player Rob Radmer added his talents in 2001.The rest is History!
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Will Dunlap  07/25/2009            
Boy Howdy
Texarado Dream is a compilation cd.The songs are all by Will but there's several Texas singers doing their thing.Timothy Curry is one of them.Also,Vala Cupp and Haydn Vitera are featured.
Will Dunlap  06/11/2008            
Richard Dorsey
Will Dunlap is one of the best songwriters I've ever heard and one day he will be discovered by others for the great writer he is. He is able to convey poignant stories through his songs. He has great ballads and rockers. He also has songs that are hard to fit into a certain genre, but they're all good. I highly recommend checking out all of his CD's. "When I'm Somebody", "Hard Headed Man", and "Otra Vez" are truly great songs, along with many others. Keep up the great work Will and Keep Your Dreams! RD P.S. I can't wait to hear your new CD
Will Dunlap  03/20/2008            
Me! Will Dunlap
First of all thank you Loan Star Music for hosting and promoting Texas Artists.Lil' Red Guitar'2003'is my second cd and features the BARITONE GUITAR as my main instrument!Thanks Texas for listening! Remember:HANG UP AND DRIVE!
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