Zach Maberry

Zach Maberry
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Zach Maberry is a singer/songwriter who was born in Nacogdoches,Tx and raised in Lufkin,Tx. He remembers music being a big part of his life from an early age. "The first music I remember really listening to was the oldies. I had a cassette tape with a bunch of greatest hits on it and I would listen to it over and over. The song "Li'l Red Riding hood" and "Midnight train to Georgia" were two of my favorites." 


When Zach was around 11 years old his father taught him his first chords on a vintage Martin guitar that had belonged to his father. Soon after that he began taking lessons from local musicians in the area. During high school Zach started to take words and music, and put them together. Songwriting became a creative outlet for him. " I started writing songs and recording myself on whatever devices we had that would let me record. It was something new and artistic, and I loved it! I would fill up notebook after notebook with lyrics."


His parents, always supportive, noticed his determination to musical creativity and decided to let Zach turn their storage room into a music room. This became a place that he would spend hours and hours listening to old records, rehearsing with bands, and songwriting. He and his cousin christened it "The Dilla" which was based off the Armadillo World Headquarters music hall that existed back in the 1970's in Austin,Tx. " I would sleep out there. I had an old plaid loveseat that turned into a bed. We put in a small window unit, so it felt good in the summertime."


One of Zach's biggest influence was Townes Van Zandt. " I started writing more seriously when I started listening to Townes. I really devoured all of his music that I could find. He had amazing melodies on top of lyrics that had depth and heart. I was never really into reading poetry, but I was certainly into hearing it put to a melody. That's what this was and I wanted to create something that resembled it." 


In mid 2011, Zach sent an email to singer/songwriter Sean McConnell asking if he knew someone who might be interested in recording an EP for himself. With that email, he attached a raw recording of an original song entitled "A Love Song". When Sean received the email it sparked his interest "Just from one song my head was swimming with visions of how this record could sound. I was giddy. I played it for my wife and asked is this as good as I think it is? Her answer was basically, get that boy on the phone and produce his record." Zach sent him 5 more songs that would eventually make up the "Roam the Earth" EP. In August of 2011 Zach went to Nashville and recorded everything in 5 days. " I met Sean at a pub the first night I was there and the next morning we were off and running. I came over to his house around 9am and stayed till around 11pm. We did that every day. It was a great experience! I was seeing songs that I had created take on a whole new life. They were truly living and breathing."

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