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Zane Williams
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What makes Zane Williams stand out is his songs…  Like mini movies, they pull you in, tell you a story, make you laugh, and remind you of life’s deepest truths.  Zane wrote all eleven songs on his latest album, and while they cover a broad range of sonic and lyrical territory, his unique voice runs through them like a thread that ties them all together.

The clever and light-hearted title track, “Overnight Success”, highlights the mythical ten steps than any aspiring musician must take to achieve their dream of instant stardom.  “Sure Felt Like Goodbye” is a radio-ready rocker that ran up the Texas radio charts in the spring of 2013, and “On a Good Day” is a devastatingly beautiful expression of healing in the face of great loss.  Each song that follows takes you on its own journey, from anthemic love in “When You’ve Got a Woman”, to blue-collar bravado in “Hands of a Workin’ Man”.  The music is country---no doubts, no apologies---but Zane makes the traditional sounds his own and manages to stay relevant while paying homage to the past. 

Zane’s own journey to becoming an overnight success began with writing songs as a hobby while at Abilene Christian University.  After graduation in 1999, that hobby quickly grew into a career as a college coffeehouse performer, taking him to over five hundred colleges nationwide in a seven-year period.  Following a two-year stint as a staff songwriter in Nashville and a top-20 Billboard hit with “Hurry Home” (recorded by Jason Michael Carroll), Zane moved back to Texas in 2008 and refocused his career on building a grass-roots local following.  Now, thanks to a busy touring schedule, a rapidly growing fan base, and a critically acclaimed new album, Zane’s fifteen-year overnight success story is beginning its most interesting chapter yet.


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05/16/2010 - McKinney's Zane Williams is on Wildflower Festival schedule - Read More
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Zane Williams  06/15/2013            
David Nussbaum
Where do I begin? Really tight production qualities...great musicianship...literate, humorous and sensitive lyrics...catchy tunes that stick with you...and probably the BEST country album I've heard in years! Buy this and savor every note and nuance. You will get in on the ground floor of this man's brilliant career. Enjoy!!!
Zane Williams  06/04/2013            
Fred B.
Zane Williams has exceeded all expectations with this latest album. You won't find any kazoo solos, bagpipes, record-scratching or techno-mixes here, but you will be treated to one of the best songwriters in country music today. And while some think of Zane as a songwriter first, I tend to appreciate his vocal command equally as well. He has a smooth, yet authoritative quality in his voice that makes the words clear and easily understood. Nowhere is this more apparent than on a song like "Damned," which has quickly become one of my favorites. As a songwriter, Zane has a way of interpreting the simplest things in life and turning them into beautiful music that we can all relate to. Buy the album, you won't be disappointed.
Zane Williams  12/15/2010            
Beautiful voice and beautiful songs man . What else to say .
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