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Andie Kay Joyner and Heather Stalling had to experience life before they felt ready to write and sing about it. After meeting in 1992, both were already accomplished musicians/vocalists, having grown up in musical families that exposed them to bluegrass festivals and folk scenes at an early age. For the next decade, the girls further groomed themselves for their own band by playing in several other bands, backing dozens of Texas artists like Mark David Manders, Bob Schneider, Ed Burleson, Johnny Lee, and Max Stalling. The two shared a house and wrote almost every day for a year and a half. With maybe a half dozen songs penned, they played every Tuesday at the legendary Dallas honky-tonk, Adair’s Saloon, and held that gig for a little over a year. Heather then signed on for a regular stint with Texas singer-songwriter Mark David Manders, while Andie Kay frequently came along to sing backup vocals. They took up songwriting in earnest and became self-described “world-class hotel jammers.” Over time, these sessions evolved and there was finally enough material to complete an album. With the help of a few friends and the assembly of a group of extraordinary musicians, blacktopGYPSY was formed.

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Average Rating : 4.4              Total Reviews: 14

blacktopGYPSY   10/18/2011            
Witty lyrics, wonderfully selected covers, powerful lead vocals, beautiful harmonies, great instrumentation, and specifically a fiddle I'm truly in love with...this will be one quickly addictive album for anyone. Such an excitement that it's finally available! You girls (and guys) ROCK!!!
blacktopGYPSY   05/15/2011            
What a revelation. Just saw Blacktop Gypsy at The Canadian River Music Fest and they brought down the house. Full of energy and good hard hitting music and wonderful harmonies. See them live whenever you get the chance.
blacktopGYPSY   04/25/2011            
BIg Al
For the people that think this band is boring, they must be in another band. Andie, Heather, Darcy and the guys are Great!!! I will see them whenever I can!
blacktopGYPSY   06/03/2009            
As an artist and Owner of An Entertainment group I had the pleasure of running sound at the Crandall Cotton Gin for BalcktopGYPSY. I even more amazed with them than the first time I heard them. I am honored to have met and become friends with them all. The girls with thier harmonies are just unreal. I look forward to seeing them again and I will have all my friends there to see them. Most amazing group this musician has had the honor to see perform..
blacktopGYPSY   03/09/2009            
Music lover
Wonderfully talented group! I have had the honor of seeing them live at The Hangar Bar in Greenville, TX and it was one of the most enjoyable shows I have ever seen. Andie Kay and Heather are also two of the nicest women I have ever met. Their music is incredible and they are both very talented musicians. Don't miss a chance to see blacktopGYPSY live. Their CD is just as good as their live shows - it is one of my favorite CDs!
blacktopGYPSY   01/28/2009            
Gary Wentz
Awesome!!! I saw this band perform at the Granada opening for Junior Brown. They're a solid group of seasoned professionals with a contemporary approach to the genre. I Cant wait to catch another show!!! BTG Man
blacktopGYPSY   11/28/2007            
Carol M.
Saw them at Love and War with Max. Good voices, but boring music.
blacktopGYPSY   06/05/2007            
Miranda L.
This band rocks.. They played at my Birthday party and put one of the best shows i have ever seen.
blacktopGYPSY   03/29/2007            
Amy C
I love it!! Great voice, great band....they are the whole package. Anyone will love this album.
blacktopGYPSY   01/18/2007            
this band is boring (dot) com
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