Bo Phillips

Bo Phillips
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Bo Phillips brings an eclectic variety of musical influences with him to the stage. From the first note until the last encore, you can be sure that you will leave with a smile. His debut album, “Dirt Road”, features all original music. You will hear soulful ballads, gritty lead rides, toe-tapping favorites, and a couple of funny moments. Born in Houston, Texas, Bo and his two brothers (Stoney Larue) were raised by their grandparents in southeastern Oklahoma. Upon graduation, Bo moved to Stillwater and received his degree in agricultural education from Oklahoma State University. He then began his career as a high school agriculture teacher. After teaching for six years, he decided it was time to pursue his lifelong dream... music. He got his first guitar when he was nine years old. It came with a chord book that showed three chords. “The rest, I learned from watching Austin City Limits.” He played all his life, but never took it seriously until he moved to Stillwater and was immersed in the culture.
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Bo Phillips  09/10/2008            
Bo is awesome!! I love him! I went to his concert at Tumbleweeds a couple of weeks ago and he just does his own thing, which is totally cool! I Love you Bo!!
Bo Phillips  08/15/2008            
Bo is an awesome performer. He does his own thing and doesn't try to be like anyone else and he does a great job at it. He is a great musician and great comedian.
Bo Phillips  06/09/2008            
Vicki Henington
I have gotten to see Bo Phillips in concert many times, and would have to say that he is an amazing artist! Bo is not riding on anybodys coat strings, but is making a name for himself with his own music, and his own name! He has such a passion for what he does, and it most definately shows as he entertains us over and over. Bo puts on a very lively show with lots of different types of music including lots of his own creations! You are gonna make it big some day Bo, and we are gonna be right there with ya! Keep up the good work!!!!!
Bo Phillips  09/08/2007            
please. ya'll quit hatin'! such negativity... you wanna talk about mediocre musicians lets look elsewhere. thanks. bo has a gift, and it just happens to run in the fam. :)
Bo Phillips  07/05/2007            
Bo is an ok performer, but he is getting where he is today with help from his brother and friends of his brother. He would not get to play the places he does today without help, because his music shure doesn't get him there. Check him out live and you will see.
Bo Phillips  05/27/2007            
Come on folks! What's with the "coattails" b.s.? Have ya'll not heard of the Braun brothers from Reckless kelly and Mickey & the Motorcars? Damn fine musicians blessed with the music gene. So goes it with Stoney & Bo two guys playin the music they love that just happen to be brothers.
Bo Phillips  04/11/2007            
Riding on Stoney's coattails? Please, What have Stoney done..put out one real studio album..if anything Stoney is riding on ccr coattails!!! Dont give me wrong, stoney is a upcoming star...just give bo some time, in meanwhile, i get to enjoy his music live in stillwater!!
Bo Phillips  03/20/2007            
Bo Phillips is an average musician riding on the coattails of his brother. Where would he be without Stoney? teaching ag to kids in school.
Bo Phillips  10/26/2006            
Mama PJ
Hey folks...he isn't Stoney & he isn't trying to be! Bo is his own awesome self!! He has strong writing AND singing skills!! GREAT CD!! Keep it going BO!!!
Bo Phillips  09/11/2006            
Amazing live CD!!! A great mix of solid covers and heartfelt orignials. Love it!
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