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Bob Schneider is not new to this game. He has built his career as a working class musician and as a result has an institution of faithful followers all across the country with a mega-fan-base epicenter in Austin. There have been highs - the near-breakthrough success of 'Lonelyland,' and the next-big-thing hype that surrounded it. And lows - he was subsequently dropped by two labels. Through it all he sustained and even flourished as an independent artist releasing five albums, hundreds of digital singles, and fronting three bands simultaneously. Yet, Schneider still continues to push himself in a multitude of creative directionlt;bw with the beguiling melodies of 'Lovely Creatures' Undoubtedly, with 'Lovely Creatures,' Bob Schneider delivers the album that his fans have long wanted. Yearning choruses, sharp lyrics that are at times funny and alternately tragic, memorable melodies, and clever surprises all converge on 'Lovely Creatures' in an ear-friendly fashion that promises heavy rotation for devout fans and newly converted Schneider-philes. "I ended up going into the studio with Dwight Baker, the producer," says Bob, "with the idea that we wanted to make a polished and beautiful sounding record, which I believe is what we ended up with. Because the songs are all love songs, for the most part, I ended up calling the record 'Lovely Creatures,' referring both to the collection of songs and to people in general." On 'Lovely Creatures,' Bob focuses (at least thematically) on songs about love (both found and lost) while keeping the musical styles quintessentially diverse. The first single, "40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet)," is Americana-pop at its finest, with lyrics that exude cleverness ("you're the color of the colored part of 'The Wizard of Oz' movie"). Patty Griffin makes a guest appearance on the aching "Changing Your Mind," making the heartache even more desolate. Mambo-flared and dance-ready "Tarantula" and "Bombonanza" have been favorites at Bob's shows for years, finally making their studio-recording debut on 'Creatures.' Austin is a re;bwned music town and the list of successful artists that call it home is as long as it is eclectic and numerous, but Bob has set himself apart in more ways than one: 'Lonelyland,' for instance, is the 1 bestselling album ever at Waterloo Records, the cityís legendary indie music store, having sold 25,000 copies at that location alone. Bob also performs every Monday night at the tiny local favorite Saxon Pub, playing both old and new material for a SRO crowd. And when he isnít on the road, Bob plays as many as four more times per week at larger venues all over Austin. Now, at the core of Bob Schneiderís talent lies a versatile singer/songwriter. But Bob has too much to say and too much to play to be tied to the limits of that model. All of his many faces are revealed through his solo work and the bands that he fronts Ė The Scabs (performing this year at the Austin City Limits Music Festival), Texas Bluegrass Massacre, and Lonelyland. His fans have come to expect the unexpected from Bob Schneider but all of these bands give him free rein to explore the music that he loves Ė funk, pop, bluegrass, jazz, soul, blues, hip-hop and good old-fashioned bar rock raunchy enough to make you flush, and emotional enough to choke you up...
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Bob Schneider  01/02/2002            
deja vu
Before catching bob and band on Austin City Limits, Americana had taken a grasp upon my sterio for some time. From bands such as Wilco to Vic Chesnut and the more well known acts as Willie Nelson and Townes Van Zant. After hearing the Austin show I couldn't put anything else into my head. The clever, not catchy, lyrics and woven instrumentals are a tribute to people being caught up in a place all of their own. Even if Tokyo isn't far enough away from the center of a downhome kind of torture, its about perfect for this fan. Lonelyland is an excellent album all the way through without many lulls in the composition or track sequence. For fans of roots rock to soul this is the place you want to be for as long the modern Hi-Fi will allow.
Bob Schneider  12/25/2001            
Bob used to be cool but he got so full of himself that he decided to bland out his style and try to become more marketable. It's a damn shame that artists have to do this kind of thing nowadays but until the general public learns what good music and record companies stop pushing this crap they really have no choice. Sorry Bob, you used to be cool.
Bob Schneider  12/13/2001            
I stumbled upon a Bob Schneider show on Austin City limits last weekend while channel surfing. Lucky me! At first, I couldn't help but be captured by his good looks, but after about 20 seconds into Lonelyland, I realized that I was witnessing something very special. His lyrics and melodies really touched me, and his timing is impeccable. He has this modest, down to earth, kind of laid-back stage presence that I found very refreshing. I ran right out the next day and bought a copy of his CD, and it's all I can listen to right now. Thanks Bob!
Bob Schneider  09/04/2001            
Excellent disc! I had the pleasure to see him at The Point outside of Philadelphia a few months ago. BOB was excellent live. I now own 11 of his discs from his various bands. Thank you Brian for turning me on to him.
Bob Schneider  06/08/2001            
ryan spradlin
i'd give him 10 stars if i could. there ain't a writer more original or artistic than bob. his live show is true to his album and the dude is talented. i guarantee you'll be turnin his stuff up on the radio one day.
Bob Schneider  05/31/2001            
Bob played at an outdoor festival in my city recently. He was charming and quick to build rapport with the audience. He has great range. By that I mean range in variety of type of music he writes and performs, and range as in vocal style. We loved him and will end up driving 3 hours one-way soon to hear him again. I was handed a 3-song demo CD at the show. If the rest of his new album is as good as these three songs, I'll buy the whole thing! Check him out. Keep in mind that the previous review was some chick pissed at her boyfriend, and it has nothing to do with the artist.
Bob Schneider  03/13/2001            
Crystal Starnes
If my bofriend and his little frat buddies make me go to one more of these shows, I will purge. His music used to sound so much more interesting.
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