Brian Milson

Brian Milson
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Brian Milson was born and raised in Odessa, Texas. Brian started singing in junior high school and it grew into a passion. At the age of 17 he picked up the guitar and learned to play. "Our music gives us a chance to express ourselves," Milson said. After graduation from high school Brian attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. The summer of 2003, Brian Milson would often be seen playing around Lubbock and listening to other artists and bands. In December of that year Milson, a graduate from Texas Tech and a business management major, started "The Short Road Band." Their debut CD, Walkin' a Thin Line, produced by a powerful musician Jondan McBride, includes 10 songs with 9 being written or co-written by Brian, showing the versatility of his writing skills and showcases the band by mixing an array of sounds from a simple two step country song to a classic rock sound on to a powerful ballad.
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Brian Milson  05/20/2008            
In a genre of music that is filled with Pat Green "wanna-be's" and college bar crooners, Brian Milson is a welcome breath of fresh air. From the roudy attitude of "Drunk Dialin'" to the great traditional sound of "Five Plays for a Quarter", Brian has solidified his place among the giants of Texas Music. If Randy Rogers Band and Kevin Fowler are your fancy, then pick up a copy of Brian's new album and you will not be disappointed. Brian may not be the first big thing to hit the Texas Music Scene, but he is definitely the next. Buy this new album and you can brag years from now that you were a fan "back when".
Brian Milson  05/18/2008            
Brian Milson and The Short Road Band is one of my favorites. I am able to catch them at least twice a week, and they put on an awesome show. The CD is great from start to finish. And I always enjoy their company after the show. Good luck guys and God Bless!!!!
Brian Milson  05/17/2008            
biggest fan penelope jewel
if you have the unfortunate pleasure of living in lubbock, texas you know there is little to we take our artist seriously....Brian Milson and the Short Road Band are the best Texas and in west texas...they play a variety of Texas songs and some of their own....I an refreshed with their music....they are GOOD and i will buy anything they put out there for sale....Love you Guys ....Keep on doing what You do...,.
Brian Milson  05/07/2008            
The SoundGuy
I've had the pleasure of working with Brian on his live shows and he is a true entertainer. His music is fun, smart, already a classic. Do yourself a favor and get this cd now. You won't be disappointed, and be sure to catch these guys live.
Brian Milson  05/06/2008            
This CD is awesome and these guys are the greatest ever. Have worn the CD out twice!! The lyrice are true to life and great for beer drinkin and dancin.
Brian Milson  05/04/2008            
I went to high school and college with Brian and have had the priviledge of watching him grow into the awesome artist he is today. I never missed a show in college and still try to catch him when he comes home. Brian and his band are not typical musicians. They take the time to personally know their fans and are loyal friends. When you buy their album, you know your money is going to get you great music and support guys that deserve it.
Brian Milson  05/03/2008            
Brian and his band are a class act- these are clean cut boys with a great sound! There music is easy on the ears and a blast to dance to. I recommend his album to anyone young or old!
Brian Milson  04/23/2008            
These guys are the BEST! I have heard them multiple times in concert and they are my favorite BAND! Their CD is terrific and it will have you jammin as you go down the road. :-)
Brian Milson  04/21/2008            
"Texas" Luke Shaffer
Brian Milson and the Short Road Band have got to be one of the funnest bands I've seen. They play everything from Texas Country to Southern Rock to good ol' fashion Two-Steppers. I picked up the CD at a show and it hasn't left my CD player yet. Drunk Dialin' is for sure my favorite tune and I'm a big fan of Five Plays for a Quarter as well, but the whole CD plays great from start to finish. If you don't pick up this CD, you might as well stop listenin' to music all together!
Brian Milson  04/20/2008            
These guys are talented musicians and really understand what it is to be Country musicians. Their shows are energetic, and the guys are among the nicest you'll meet. If you really enjoy Jason Boland and the Stragglers, these guys' sound is similar in a lot of ways. I highly recommend checking them out.
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