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Burtschi Brothers
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The Burtschi Brothers (burr-chee) is a four-piece band from Norman, Oklahoma,featuring Travis Linville, Kevin Webb, Rick Fogarty and Chris Foreman. The Burtschi sound is based in a wide variety of Americana styles including country, swing, jazz, bluegrass, blues and rock and roll, and has developed over the last three and a half years into a hot commodity in the flourishing tex-homa music scene. Fresh, heartfelt songwriting combined with extraordinary musicianship has earned the Burtschi Brothers an extensive fan base and a great deal of respect from artists and venues in the music community. Known for their speedy fingers and “jazz meets hillbilly” sort of style, guitarists Travis Linville and Kevin Webb are widely thought of as one of the best guitar duo’s from the Sooner State. With an abundance of talent and a style like no other, the Burtschi Brothers are in a class of their own. Performing about two hundred shows per year has kept the “non biological” brothers busy making new friends and fans nearly every night. Recent stops in Nashville, Austin, Little Rock, Memphis, Dallas, and Jackson, MS, have been met with great reviews and of course the Burtschis have remained an Oklahoma and Texas favorite for the last four years. Artists and bands the Burtschi Brothers have performed with or opened for recently include music legends such as Willie Nelson, Asleep at the Wheel, Junior Brown, Leon Russell, Ray Price and Billy Joe Shaver. The independent release of “Uncertain Texas” in May of 2000 gave the Burtschi Brothers a quick start. Recorded entirely in Linville’s home studio, “Uncertain Texas” boasts unforgettable songs with stripped down production and has received an impressive amount of radio play in the Oklahoma region and elsewhere. In January of 2002 the Burtschi Brothers released their second studio project, “The Burtschi Brothers Ain’t Being Treated Right”. Recorded at Ray Benson’s (Asleep at the Wheel) Bismeaux studio in Austin, Texas, “Ain’t Being Treated Right” is nothing short of an Americana classic. From hard swing to rock and all the soft places in between, this album is a must have for any roots music fan. A relentless tour schedule and an ever growing buzz has helped the Burtschi’s spread their brand of honest roots music all over the countryside and has carved their place in the annals of Oklahoma “Red Dirt” music. Singer/guitarslinger Travis Linville recently accepted two awards at the first annual “Red Dirt Music Awards” for Musician of the Year and Best New Male Artist. The newest Burtschi project, “Live in Oklahoma,” was released in October of 2003. This two cd set offers a taste of the high energy live set and has boosted the popularity of the band to a new level. “The live show is really special,” says Linville. “The funniest compliment I hear all the time is, “I usually don’t like country music, but you guys are AMAZING!” What sets the Burtschi’s apart from other bands is the way their sound embraces traditional music styles and takes them to a new level. From country to jazz to just plain okie’ rock, the Burtschi Brothers are quite simply one of the finest, hardest working bands in the business today.
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Burtschi Brothers  06/20/2004            
I have seen it all and nothing compares to seeing the Burtschi Bros live. They are absolutly phenominal. I am still amazed that I get to see them in such an intimate setting. Do your self a favor and run, don't walk, to the nearest record store and buy every Burtschi Brothers CD's you can find.
Burtschi Brothers  05/29/2004            
mike mcclure
the burtschi's are one of the best bands out there. definitely a breath of fresh air in a sometimes stagnant scene.
Burtschi Brothers  05/19/2004            
All round great stuff. Check this out for sure. This is on my top of 2004 list for sure. For the full effect check these guys out live.
Burtschi Brothers  01/09/2004            
Dave Tabaru
Musician of the Year – Travis Linville Travis Linville is playing the guitar somewhere tonight. He might be fronting the Burtschi Brothers at a scheduled show or sitting in with Stoney Larue. He might be playing with Jason Boland and the Stragglers (he played on the Live at Billy Bob’s album) or playing at his own scheduled acoustic show. If he isn’t getting paid at a show or giving a private guitar lesson, he is writing a song or playing with someone somewhere. Travis is always learning and is always teaching. He is always playing, talking, and/or listening to music. Read Full Review at www.texasmusicconerts.com
Burtschi Brothers  01/07/2004            
Burtschi Brothers  01/05/2004            
Excellent music. Travis Linville is one of the most talented musicians I have ever seen.
Burtschi Brothers  12/10/2003            
Awesome CD!! These guys have a unique sound. Just put it in & press play....... A must see live show.
Burtschi Brothers  11/27/2003            
This is a much different style of music than other bands on this board. Travis is never going to pull Pat Greenlike crowds, we all know that. But let me tell you, the man can play with the best of them. Ain't Been Treated Right is one of my favotite albums, Travis and Jamie writing together was magnificent. 'You Hold The...' is the kind of song that will hold the test of time. Hidden track on the CD is another gem. That being said let me warn you, if you are only into the beer drinking frat rock stuff don't bother with this band.
Burtschi Brothers  11/09/2003            
The musicianship is exceptional, but the songwriting is even better. They never completely fall into a rythym on this CD, keeping the listener guessing on his first listen through. Only after repeated listenings, however, does the CD reveal the true depth of its lyrics. Outstanding. A must have for any fan of Red Dirt/Texas/Texoma-style music.
Burtschi Brothers  09/30/2003            
It's hard to fully appreciate an artist as talented as Travis Linville without seeing him play in person, but this first album does some justice. Yes, the recording is gritty and unpolished, but each song still manages to strike a deep chord within the listener. And the rich blend of musical influences recall an older, better-known outlaw. It may not be perfect, but the first album by the Burtschi Brothers flirts, at times, with genius and leaves us wanting more.
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