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Dub Miller
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Dub Miller was raised on a ranch in Pontotoc, Texas where he had very little contact with other children until he began kindergarten in Llano, Texas. As one might expect, he developed more of his imagination than his social skills which contributed to his introspective, if somewhat socially retarded nature. He also became very good at shooting things as a .22 was his primary companion through his formative years. The other companions of his youth were largely made up of a certain class of Mexican immigrant who would commonly seek work in and around the farms and ranches of the Texas Hill Country. As a result, he is sympathetic to their plight. He has also had a couple of good horses, and worked lots of mixed cattle and angora goats. He hates chickens. He attended Llano High School where the suffered 5 broken arms and played drums in a regional but quite groundbreaking heavy metal band called The Zone. He had a double bass pedal and lots of toms of which he took the bottom heads off. He thought Lars Ulrich hung the moon. After graduating from High School, he ran off from the ranch to achieve fame and riches as an FM disc jockey in Amarillo, Texas. He quickly figured out that people in radio achieve very little fame and almost no riches. He applied to and subsequently attended Texas A&M University where he joined the Corps and pretty much majored in playing 42 at the Dixie Chicken. Between domino games he managed to form a band, record a CD, and develop the misguided impression that a career in music would be fun, lucrative, and easy. Having already developed the habit of running off to the far corners of Texas no matter how dismal they may be; he found himself at the acclaimed country & bluegrass program at South Plains College. Unfortunately, he also found himself in Levelland, Texas. See James McMurtry for an accurate description. Having nothing better to do, he drank lots of beer, played even more guitar, and met his brothers. Namely Matt Skinner and Adam Odor who presently enjoy the fame and riches Dub so longed for during his stint as the king of panhandle classic rock. Along with others including but not limited to Jeremy Watkins, Les Lawless, Calib Bruce, Josh Hamilton, a couple of chicks who lived with the band for a while and one dead rattlesnake they moved to San Marcos to seek the previously mentioned but still elusive fame and riches. Shortly thereafter, Dub met Doug Moreland and Brady Black and still wonders why he makes friends with fiddle players. From 1997 to 2004, Dub Miller and the Highway 6 Band helped to blaze the trail that others would follow and is generally accepted and one of the architects of what has become the "Texas Country/Red Dirt" scene as it is known today. His debut album "American Troubadour" is considered by some to be a Texas Country classic. After banging it out in the clubs and beer joints all those years he achieved a modicum of fame, almost no riches, and began to long for a domestic lifestyle. Wife, children, family, that sort of thing. Also, he didn't particularly care for fame as he found it difficult to make small talk with strangers. See the previously mentioned upbringing for insight on this matter. In 2004 he applied to and subsequently attended The South Texas College of Law in downtown Houston, Texas. After completing two years of law school, he decided that being a lawyer was going to be a drag and just as subsequently dropped out. So he loaded up a flat bed trailer and moved his life, and plans for the future to New Braunfels, Texas where Dub joined the Dickson Productions team as Operations Manager and general manipulator of the chaos. The Music Fest at Steamboat Colorado is among the biggest of chaos's he has manipulated. Dub stands before you today neither a lawyer, nor a concert promoter and is currently enjoying himself perusing a hopeless pipe-dream as a rocker. He has joined a band with the aforementioned Skinner and Odor along with Meagan Jones, John Ross Silva, and Brian Beken. He blames law school for the annoying tendency to use words like “aforementioned”. The band is called 11 Bones. He feels like he is back in his old high school garage band and is having a gas, gas, gas… He still hates chickens.
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Dub Miller  12/19/2002            
cool song
Dub Miller  12/11/2002            
Jeff S.
This is thinking man's country. Thought provoking and gritty without being cerebral. Dub Miller may not have the depth of Townes VanZandt but he has the touch of Guy Clark and you can dance to it...I give it a 5 (star)
Dub Miller  11/23/2002            
The album Highway 6 by Dub Miller is a good album and the lyrics need to be on www.lonestarmusic.com and this album is hard to find but stores need to sell this!
Dub Miller  11/18/2002            
Miller Man
I just got Post Country. It's got some damn fine songs on it. You rock Dub!!!
Dub Miller  09/20/2002            
Daniel Russell
To Dub and all of the guys in the band, another great effort. Even better than A.T. One of the best written albums this year. This really proves the true wordsmith that is Dub Miller. And, to Walker, whoever you are. Son, don't worry, when your little balls finally drop and hair over maybe you will finally understand the true talent of the real TEXAS MUSIC leaders. But, for now your neuterd review are really lacking. Trashing everyone but you little Monkey band is really going to do good things for them and you in the long run. Grow up and smell the cow shit on your flip-flops.
Dub Miller  09/08/2002            
Wayne B.
Great show last night at Wild West. Keep up the good work!!!
Dub Miller  08/18/2002            
I recently saw Dub at Papas on Lake Conroe, and the band is EXCELLENT!!! He put on a GREAT show... and it was my first time to hear the band play!! You can definitely put me on their fan list!!
Dub Miller  08/07/2002            
hill country45
Great CD guys. It is sometimes hard to stand out from alot of what is going in the Texas music scene these days, but you guys have certanly done it. A tremendous effort that I would reccomend to anyone!!
Dub Miller  08/04/2002            
free thinker
Oh my goodness. . . nearly every review is 5 stars. I'm not quite sure that these reviewers are staying objective. I have a hard time believing that if anyone gave a review on this album that knew anything about music they would have something different to say than "5 stars - you guys rule dude." Maybe some of these Texas artists should have majored in music instead of history or whatever they apparantly came away with. Give me a Texas artist whose first time in the spotlight wasn't because he got drunk enough to do so. These albums would be much better if they came with a fifth of whiskey and a revolver so you can blow your brains out after hearing such Texas abuse.
Dub Miller  07/13/2002            
Sounds like Newman has a personal problem to me. One listen to Insanity & Texas can show you the depth and range of Dub's lyrics and talent. Post Country hasn't left my cd changer since I bought it!
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