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Gary P. Nunn began his musical career as a 7th grader in a garage band in Brownfield, Texas, where he was an honor student and all-around athlete. Upon graduation from night school, he attended Texas Tech University and South Plains College while pursuing music on weekends playing with "The Fabulous Sparkles," a take-no-prisoners rock band that was the rage of West Texas during the sixties. In 1968 he transferred to the University of Texas at Austin immersing himself in the lively local music scene while studying pharmacy at UT. In 1972, Michael Martin Murphey, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Willie Nelson moved to Austin and a new Era in music was born. The movement was dubbed "Texas progressive," "outlaw music" among other monikers and Gary P. Nunn was right in the middle of it. At one time he was playing bass for Murphey, Walker and Nelson! For Murphy and Walker, he lead The Lost Gonzo Band who backed them up on stage and in the studio, and helped propel them to national notoriety. It was during this time that Nunn honed his songwriting skills composing tunes that were recorded by Nelson, Walker and Murphey, as well as Rosanne Cash, David Allen Coe and others, earning him several gold and platinum records for writing, publishing and performing. Gary P. Nunn and The Lost Gonzo Band parted company with Jerry Jeff Walker in 1977, an association that lasted for four years and produced six popular LPís for MCA Records. The Lost Gonzo Band produced three LPís for MCA and Capital before disbanding in 1980. These records are coveted by Gonzo enthusiasts for their eclectic blend of rock, folk, and country. 1980 found Gary P. Nunn on his own and in the position of having to start over, never having performed under his own name. Since that time, he has grown into one of the best known and most popular artists on the Texas music scene - a testament to his talent and determination. Since venturing on his own, Gary P. Nunn has assumed the responsibility for his own career. Without the aid of an agent and manager, has built a substantial music business organization which handles his booking, houses his music publishing companies, and publishes a newsletter which is distributed to 10,000 fans on his mailing list. He has entered into a relationship with Campfire Records, an independent label out of San Antonio, which has produced three CDís, "Totally Guacamole" in 1993, "Roadtrip" in 1994, and "Under My Hat" released in 1996, as well as licensing four previously released CDís Gary P. had produced on various independent labels. Campfire Records has secured national distribution of the entire Gary P. Nunn catalogue and is currently fielding offers from major labels interested in distributing the catalogue in Europe. The number of products being moved is starting to attract the attention of major labels in the U.S.! Meanwhile, Gary P. Nunn is not resting as he performs with his band, The Sons of the Bunkhouse, 48 weekends a year throughout Texas and the Southwest, while maintaining an 800 acre cattle ranch in rural Eastern Oklahoma, or the "Northern Frontier" as he refers to it. The A-O Ranch is the site of the Terlingua North Summer Social Maverick Chili Cookoff And Music Festival, an annual event produced by his wife Ruth, which attracts thousands and benefits local charitable causes. He has appeared on countless programs such as Nashville Now, TNNís Texas Connection, music videos and special appearances on TNN, Austin City Limits, Texas Rangerís Baseball games (singing the National Anthem), and other appearances too numerous to mention. Gary P. Nunn's itinerary takes him to all the major cities in Texas where he consistently packs houses with his loyal following and winning news fans who confess they never really liked country music, but they just love Gary P. Nunn! Often one can find big name country artists in the audience who admit they grew up listening to and being influenced by his music. He is well known and respected in the Nashville music community and was honored there recently at a reception at BMI for his contributions as a writer and publisher. He has resisted offers to relocate in Nashville preferring to promote the growing music industry in Texas. He did, however, concede to record "Roadtrip" in Nashville, tapping musicians from Trisha Yearwood' and Vince Gillís bands and inviting an old friend from Texas, Hal Ketchum, to sing harmonies. Gary P. Nunn enjoys a near folk status in Texas as he continues to sing the praises of the state, its culture, and its colorful characters. His fans come from all walks of life and range from small children who know the words to every song; to college students who have given up hard rock for the Texas two-step; to professionals whohave never set foot in a honky-tonk; to octogenarian couples who still snuggle on the dance floor. Gary P. Nunn has the unique ability to appeal to all. His performances are lively and danceable, yet sensitive and image provoking. They are often humorous and always entertaining. Gary P. Nunn never met a stranger and is always available to meet with fans which contributes greatly to his popularity. He has been described as everything from "a pioneer of Texas country music" to "a part of the fabric of contemporary Texas culture" to "the mule that pulls the Texas country music wagon!" However, one chooses to describe him, there is no denying his contribution in the past and that he will be at the head of the herd in Texas music in the future. You can find Gary P. on the road from Austin to Dallas, Louisiana to New Mexico to Oklahoma, and at many venues in Eurpoe... always playing good country music, and inviting the crowd to "Go Home with the Armadillo."
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Gary P. Nunn  03/07/2006            
Gary P. Nunn rocked a few weeks back at Borski's. I had no idea how many songs he had written that I know. His opening act was a band called Ragtop that absolutely rocked the house. Can anyone help me find more info on the guys?
Gary P. Nunn  12/19/2005            
Brian Burns
Hey, "longdongsilver", what the hell's wrong with tacos & beer? You got a long dong, but a weak stomach? Gimme a break. Gary P. Nunn has been a champion for Texas and Texas Music for as long as I can remember (and has made pretty considerable contributions and accomplishments to said genre). I've got every one of his CDs (except "Sticky Fingers"), and he's one of the few artists whose music stays in my Hi-Fi set (well, iPod) just to remind me that God was thoughtful enough to plant me smack-dab in the Middle of the Musical Universe -- TEXAS!
Gary P. Nunn  12/10/2005            
I'm from a small town in Texas called Rotan and we just had a rockin party called the Hog Fest. Gary P. Nunn was featured along with 2 local bands, The Hogg Maulies and Sunny Helms Band, and he is AWESOME!!! He is one of the nicest guys I've ever met, and he is so down to earth. He was walkin around the tent talking to everyone "drinkin with the locals" as he says.
Gary P. Nunn  06/29/2005            
I might agree with the reviewer who says it is not as good as he expected. Except that I keep playing it over ... and over ... and over ...
Gary P. Nunn  10/25/2004            
Charlie P
This artists just gets better with time. A great deal of folks seem to enjoy the Larry Joe Taylor tunes. Larry Joe's stuff is always great but Gary P Nunn would steal the show. Don't change a thing. You even had a super show at the County Line which I don't consider to be the best venue. Keep on playing and i'll keep on cruisin down US 281. Don't miss him!
Gary P. Nunn  07/21/2004            
Fabulous venue with excellent acoustics. Gary P was great and so was the theater. Highly reccomend!
Gary P. Nunn  07/21/2004            
Eric Meyers
Excellent performance at the Palace Theater in Corsicana in July! Look forward to seeing you next time.
Gary P. Nunn  06/08/2004            
Jim Thrasher
Pure Greatness! If you are looking for the cookie-cutter, pretty boy nonsense that dominates the majority of country music radio stations these days, this is not for you. If you want good down-home true to its roots music, this is the perfect CD and another example of why Gary is the greatest singer/songwriter/poet/philosopher of our lifetime
Gary P. Nunn  05/06/2004            
andy ligon
what can I say, Cajunta, germnan polka, country, Its gary p nunn. wow, good mix, especially Larry Joe taylor stuff, Meet me in Corpus right now!
Gary P. Nunn  05/05/2004            
I haven't heard the new one yet and I'm already giving it a 10!
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