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"I cannot rest from travel: I will drink Life to the lees." — Alfred Tennyson Still in his 20s, he’s played all over the world – two tours in Europe, two tours in Iraq and Kuwait for the American Soldiers, and two shows at the White House, including a performance for President Bush. Granger Smith will never say he didn’t “live life to the lees.” “Music is what I do,” says Smith. “If I can help someone get lost in the moment of a song long enough to forget the worries of the world, or long enough to remember what’s most important, then I’ve done my job.” Granger’s musical contributions are not limited to the exotic travels or remote locations. Since his early teens, the native Texan has been writing, singing and honing his craft as a musician. At 19, his work paid off by landing him a deal with EMI Music Publishing in Nashville. Smith, a former member of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M, followed his dream on what would be a five year stay in Tennessee. “That experience at 19 years old was critical in developing who I am today as an artist,” says Granger. “I tried to soak in the craft of songwriting like a sponge from the older guys I was paired with. I credit so much of my learning to those mentors.” In 2004, upon signing a new publishing contract with Universal South recording artist, Phil Vassar, Granger was given the freedom to return to Texas and rediscover himself as an artist. He re-entered the Texas market and re-enrolled at Texas A&M University. Over the next two years, Smith released three albums and received his bachelor’s degree from A&M – all while tearing up the Texas highways on the way to his next show. As an aid to developing his signature sound, Smith recorded and produced his most recent albums in his own studio with his own band. “The freedom to take our time in the studio with my own band is priceless,” says Granger. In appreciation for his alma mater, Smith also wrote the song “We Bleed Maroon,” with proceeds going to a scholarship fund for incoming students with exceptional spirit. Smith reflects, “I realized that I hadn’t written a song about the thing I know the most about, which is being an Aggie.” The song is adopted as a modern day anthem for Aggie fans and can be heard on game day with the video playing on the jumbotron at all Texas A&M home football games. On May 31, 2008, “We Bleed Maroon” reached a new high, literally, when traveling on the Space Shuttle Discovery at the request of Astronaut Michael Fossum, a fellow Aggie, and the STS-124 Crew. Granger is an adept presence – on stage and through the speaker – and with the continued rise of popularity, he will soon be recognized throughout America. However, the imminent question must be asked: Is the world ready for Granger Smith?
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Granger Smith  03/12/2009            
Wild Bill
I was at the SA Stockshow for the acoustic show and saw and heard the comments about the texting. Granger was making a joke. Whoever got their feeling hurt by the comment is too sensative. As a matter of fact Granger was ask to sing the last song but he didn't want to take the song away from the other person singing with him so they sang the last song together.
Granger Smith  03/06/2009            
Oh my gosh! I'm in love. I just picked up Livin Like A Lonestar. What a great CD.....what a hottie.
Granger Smith  03/05/2009            
Aggie your a douchebag cocksucker to granger...granger is the MOST arrogant artist i know. he needs to learn how to respect his fans. maybe he should take notes from Aaron Watson?
Granger Smith  03/04/2009            
rick sc
anybody that brings down a fellow ag such as the guy that requested we bleed maroon should be banned from college station. i guess granger forgot where hes came from
Granger Smith  03/02/2009            
Funny you say that texasag. I was at the same show in san antone. He had a fine performance and played the song I requested. Will definitely see him again!
Granger Smith  03/01/2009            
texas ag
i recently saw granger do an acoustic at the s.a. stock show and rodeo. i yelled out hey play we bleed maroon. granger then said that if we didnt have his phone # to txt him a song request were not big enough fans and we dont deserve to request songs. he said this very very rudely and in a spiteful way. i hope he is banned from college station!
Granger Smith  01/18/2009            
I jsut saw him on his middle ast tour. He was really good. I was very impressed with his show. I'm very glad that he came to the middle, it shows me that he supports the troops
Granger Smith  06/15/2008            
I saw him at the Grimes County Fair and he was awesome!! He played some great dancing songs and I really enjoyed listening to the songs when I wasn't dancing!! I loved it and would definetly see him again!
Granger Smith  06/11/2008            
See you at Schroeder Hall on the 21st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Granger Smith  05/28/2008            
Great artist and great songs!
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