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Harris And Ryden
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The music of Stephen Harris & Chris Ryden draws a melodic line nearly the length of the Great Divide, from the craggy peaks of the Grand Tetons to the rolling, green Texas Hill Country. Lots of miles and lots of stories and lots of territory…And all of it is encapsulated on RUN (Two Mule Records), the aptly-titled second album from the increasingly popular duo. Although they attended the same high school in San Antonio, Stephen's and Chris' paths did not cross until after they made parallel sojourns to cowboy on ranches up in the wilds of northwestern Wyoming. A tangled skein of circumstance (or fate, if you believe in that sort of thing) brought the two together on a rambling roadtrip to Texas. Discovering a shared love of music-and a newly-minted affection for Austin-the two embarked on a musical partnership which has seen a wildly diverse range of shows- from sharing the stage with Lyle Lovett to performing at the ambassador's party at the U.S. embassy in the Dominican Republic. And, oh yeah, an awful lot of beer joints, too. Here To Jackson, their debut album of two years ago, was a portrait of two singer-songwriters in transition. "We went into the studio about four months after putting a band together," said Harris. "This was like five months from the time when we were just two guys on barstools, playing acoustic guitars" adds Ryden. The album established a benchmark for H&R ("Their harmonies break the mold [and] their music transports you from Wyoming to Texas within a few notes and leaves you wishing you were swapping stories around a campfire," said one observer). But they soon surpassed that recording as a live act. Which makes RUN, in a way, the first full-fledged Harris & Ryden album. "It seems to us like there is a big change from the last album to this one, in the overall sound," observed Ryden. "But it's a logical progression." And Harris adds with a smile, "We have no one to blame but ourselves." That's not precisely true. RUN was produced by Merel Bregante, whose landmark work with Loggins & Messina gave him a few platinum-selling insights about coaxing the best from a duo of talented songwriters and musicians. And the band H&R has assembled makes good use of some of Austin's most talented young pickers. The bakers-dozen songs on RUN (including the inaugural single, "This Hard Town") flow naturally between Western-flavored rockers, ballads and story songs that evoke classic high-lonesome images. Though Ryden cites influences from Mark Knopfler and Springsteen to Marty Robbins, and Harris' loyalties hew close to classic Texas storytellers like Guy Clark and Ray Wylie Hubbard, their collaborative work owes unclassifiable and original debts to folk, rock, country, and the fertile regional gumbo that is "Texas music." "(It's) kind of like contemporary country meets Western or rough-and-tumble Texas music with polished edges, combined with top-shelf songwriting," wrote John Goodspeed of the San Antonio Express-News. They couldn't have said it better themselves.
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Harris And Ryden  01/03/2001            
Chris Lair Cox Radio San Antonio
Great Cd...you'll love it!! These guys are both great song writers with a bright future.
Harris And Ryden  12/29/2000            
Chris Warburton
Can't wait to hear the album!!!! I've heard many of the songs around the campfire for many years when Chris Ryden (Pepper) worked for me in Wyoming. If you like country music, cowboy music and even music with a beat and a good message, you had better get your hands on this album. Chris is an extremely talented songwriter and guitarist - and better yet, he's cowboy to the core. He can handle a horse and survive in grizzly bear country and then play that amazing brand of music around the campfire until the morning hours. Some of my best memories are of those campfires and the songs - El Soldado Viejo, Where Outlaws Go and of course, High on the Teton Range. Again, if you want great music, this album is the one - I know I'm going to get one for me and alot more for friends who appreciate fine music. Ride on Pepper!!
Harris And Ryden  12/28/2000            
Buy the CD!
Harris And Ryden  12/23/2000            
These guys played at my wedding... it was fantastic. The new album is one of the best new sounds in texas music in years. In fact, this may be up there with Guy Clark and Steve Earl. You Have to get this CD!
Harris And Ryden  12/23/2000            
Harris And Ryden  12/21/2000            
Roger Grant
I had a chance to hear the new album a couple of days ago and I was completely blown away. The songs and the sound on the CD are really unbelievable and a refreshing twist on the sound known as "texas music". These guys are going somewhere - fast.
Harris And Ryden  12/21/2000            
Roger Grant
I had a chance to hear the new album a couple of days ago and I was completely blown away. The songs and the sound on the CD are really unbelievable and a refreshing twist on the sound known as "texas music". These guys are going somewhere - fast.
Harris And Ryden  10/25/2000            
big fan
Looking forward to great things to come from this band. Every member is phenomenal.
Harris And Ryden  09/24/2000            
Josh Mitchell
No album, but if you can't catch them live check out the sounds on their website. They've got good original lyrics abouth their own lives, and they sound great together. I have seen them live five times now and I am more impressed every time I hear them. They don't dance around the stage, or sing about getting drunk, they just get up there and entertain with awesome vocals. If you enjoy going to a show where you can sit back relax, and hear some real musical talent, Harris and Ryden will never dissapoint you.
Harris And Ryden  09/13/2000            
Jay Zeidman
No album, but these two can really put on one hell of a show. I really enjoy their songs about the outdoors and Texas. A great band with a promising future!
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