Jerry Jeff Walker

Jerry Jeff Walker
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There's a photo on the back of a long-out-of-print Jerry Jeff Walker album that kind of sums it all up. In the picture, Jerry Jeff is outside an old roadhouse on a lonesome highway. It's night, and his collar is turned up against the chill breeze as he hunches over to light a cigarette. His guitar is slung around his back. It's hard to tell if he's entering or leaving the roadhouse, but either way you figure he's got many miles to go before he sleeps. Somehow, one gets the idea that that is how Jerry Jeff has always pictured himself. Even when he was playing screaming cowboy rock 'n' roll to thousands of people, the solitary troubadour was always on the inside, looking out. Jerry Jeff has lived—and is living again—the troubadour's life. Lots of musicians talk about the road; Jerry Jeff really is the kid who rode his thumb out of his hometown in upstate New York to such exotic destinations as Key West (where he introduced another young musician named Jimmy Buffett to the pleasures of island life)…He really did sing for pennies on New Orleans streetcorners, alongside Mr. Bojangles…He really did strap his guitar on the back of a motorcycle and go busking across Canada…And he really did sing in the smoky cafes and folk clubs of Greenwich Village, following in the footsteps of Bob Dylan and Ramblin' Jack Elliott. And that all happened before he became a star. Most folks know that story—how Jerry Jeff moved to Austin, Texas in the early Seventies and reinvented himself as a Lone Star country-rocker. He became, along with Willie Nelson and Asleep At The Wheel, one of the arbiters of the internationally famous Austin musical community. Since then, he has celebrated the music of peers such as Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt, and served as a fountainhead and inspiration to younger musicians such as Robert Earl Keen, Pat Green, Jack Ingram, Todd Snider, and a moderately successful country tunesmith named Garth Brooks. A string of records for MCA and Elektra followed before Jerry Jeff gave up on the mainstream music business and formed his own independent record label, Tried & True Music, in 1986. Another series of increasingly autobiographical records followed under the Tried & True imprint. He's played for four or five presidents, toured in Lear Jets and bought second homes in New Orleans and Belize (the fruits, in part, of having penned an American pop standard, "Mr. Bojangles"). His band of musicians, known variously as the Lost Gonzo Band and the Gonzo Compadres, have been indispensable parts of the endless caravan. But even with all that, Jerry Jeff still sees the world with a troubadour's eyes. His songs are the way he makes the world make sense, how he passes on stories of the people he meets, the way he feels on a given morning. He has come full circle, back to his solitary singer-songwriter roots. You might say he was heading this way all along.
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Jerry Jeff Walker  11/07/2007            
Yea Jimmie Rodgers wasn't from Texas either numbnuts and he is the Father of Country Music. JJ is badass
Jerry Jeff Walker  10/14/2007            
listen pissheads cityboys jerry jeff isnt an icon john wayne, willie nelson, and george strait are icons so dont even say he is an icon you idiots.
Jerry Jeff Walker  09/18/2007            
Trust me...All Texans originally came from somewhere. Just because JJW isn't a first generation is irrelevant. His lyrics are as true to the Texas spirit as any singer-songwriter the state has ever produced. Texans like Wille, Gary P, Jack and Ray Wylie all agree. And JJ and Susan raised a first rate kid in Django as well. Not sure why "Cooter" felt so obligated to take such a blatant shot at JJ. I agree...Treasure guys like JJW as long as they are around.
Jerry Jeff Walker  09/18/2007            
Listen cooter your post had absolutly no point. Not only is Jerry Jeff a texas icon but he is an american icon. Who gives a damn where he is from. He made his home and his life hear in this wonderful state. Not only do you not welcome him but you belittle him with british sounding phrases like 'peckerwood' and 'piss off.' his music has done for me what it has also done for thousands of others and that is make us feel something and get something great out of a 5 min clip of sound. If i lift the spirts of a fraction of the people that he has, i will consider my life well lived. All you can think to do is get online and be negative. Long live JJW. It will be a sad thing to see you go!
Jerry Jeff Walker  07/22/2007            
Saw Jerry Jeff at the Birchmere in Alexandria VA and he was outstanding. Say a prayer for him as he will be undergoing back surgery soon.
Jerry Jeff Walker  06/23/2007            
jerry jeff walker sucks!!! id give him no stars if i could. all he is is a wanna be texan and his music is for rich people who wanna be country boys and drugstore cowboys. piss off jerry and go back to new york and quit actin like youre a texan cause you aint. damn peckerwood
Jerry Jeff Walker  03/16/2007            
LSM Lover!!
Happy Birthday Jerry Jeff!
Jerry Jeff Walker  02/09/2007            
A fine compilation of Jazz Standards performed by Texas' finest guitar players and Jerry Jeff at the wheel. Tommy"Guitar"Nash has graced this CD with his signature acoustic style and Jazz greatness.
Jerry Jeff Walker  10/03/2006            
I have 15 or so extra tickets to the sold out JJW show at Gruene Hall. 25 bucks a piece email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
Jerry Jeff Walker  08/28/2006            
Sarah from LSM
Trisha, Give us a call here at 1.800.TXMUSIC. I looked for the CD you want and found it. We would be glad to special order it for you. Hope this helps!!! As always, if you can't find a particular album you were looking for, give us a call!
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