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Johnny Rodriguez
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Johnny's love affair with music began in Sabinal, Texas where he was born December 10, 1951, the ninth of ten children in a boisterous Mexican-Irish household. "My parents favored Latin music; my older brothers preferred country; my friends were into rock and roll, I loved it all." At 16 Johnny formed his first band, 'The Spocks' "named after Mr. Spock on Star Trek" while still in high school. He arrived in Nashville in 1971 with $14.00 in his pocket. "I couldn't even afford a case for my guitar, so I carried it wrapped in a plastic bag." Two weeks later he was playing lead guitar in Tom T. Hall's band. After signing his first recording contract in 1972, he recorded 11 consecutive #1 singles, becoming a country music super star before his 22nd birthday. In 1979 he recorded for CBS Epic and spent approximately 125 days a year on the road with his band, The Hole In The Wall Gang, traveling to concerts throughout the country in his custom designed bus. His home was a 27 acre farm 12 miles from Nashville where he lived as a bachelor in a 100 year old log cabin surrounded by woods and wildlife. Johnny acchieved a Black Belt in TAE KWON DO for health and escape. (The previous paragraph was obtained from a publication distributed and sold to fans at one of JR's concert). Native of Sabinal, Tx., Rodriguez was approached 24 years ago by Ed Low, director of the Life Enrichment center, to host a fund-raising telethon. "The enrichment center was started by private citizens due to the unavailable government subsidy to benefit handicapped youth in the southwest Texas area," Low said. "We approached Johnny because we wanted someone who felt something for the citizens of the area, who would work his heart out for the charity. We knew Johnny to be such a person." Rodriguez, who has not forgotten his early background, said "I have been really fortunate in my life, and I just feel as though I have to give something back. Helping Mexican-American children and people who are less fortunate is my way of doing this." (The previous paragraph inserted from CASHBOX). Appearing at the telethon with Johnny in 1979 were other famed artists such as Willie Nelson, Charlie Pride, Tom T. Hall, and Waylon Jennings.
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Johnny Rodriguez  09/02/2009            
Johnny will be in Grandview, TX on Sept. 18th and the Medina County Fair in Hondo, on the 19th. Nov. 14th is Llano Opry in Llano; 21st is at the Stagecoach in Fort Worth.
Johnny Rodriguez  08/21/2009            
johnny rodriguez
8`21`09 I too have all of johnny rodriguez album~s play them all day long . Would like more information where is going to be playing . I live in Junction, so would not be hard to travel when he is in this area (close to Sabinal). Hope he will have a No.1 on hhis new album
Johnny Rodriguez  05/04/2009            
Carole Rebhahn
I am so glad to see that people are still writing about JOHNNY RODRIQUEZ.He will always be in our prayers,and hopefully oneday the people in Nashville will recognize him for having the talent that God gave him.There is only 1 JOHNNY RODRIQUEZ,and his devoted fans love him with all their hearts.I only wish he would do more touring in my neck of the woods,because Texas is a long way for me to go.Jacksonville ,Florida is a military town and we have many veterans here that sure would love to see him put on a show ,but with the economy like it is we do understand why he can't. We love you JR.
Johnny Rodriguez  05/03/2009            
Johnny Rodriguez has suffered the same fate a lot of great country singers have suffered--great change in the music to what it is today--carbon copies of each other by a bunch of people who are more pop than country. He is a great singer--hopefully he will be able to take care of his personal life so that he can continue to do what he does best.
Johnny Rodriguez  03/08/2009            
Johnny is the best singer I've ever heard. I have all of his albums-I'm older now-but still love him. He has them all beat-these so called country singers. Beautiful voice-he never got the honor he deserved.He is the best ever by far!!
Johnny Rodriguez  03/07/2009            
Johnny Rodriguez  12/08/2008            
johnny rodriquez
johnny,please release another greatest hits cd only this time please have SHE DON'T CRY LIKE SHE USE TO,PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT,JEALOUS DARLING,WE CAN BUILD A BRIDGE,11 ROSES AND SOME MORE SONGS FROM THE PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT ALBUM.Ihave most of your albums,and now i have your cd's.i even buy 2 of the same so i can lpay one inside my home,and of course one in my car.i even bought your latest cd through your fan club,GOD was good to you by giving you that great voice,and to beable to speak more than one language well that was you.So please Johnny,give your fans some more songs that we can't find anywhere,and maybe you could even do some new ones only please let them be like what you did in the 70's and not what the singers are putting out today.We want our country music back and there's no one better to give it to us than you.We love you and wish you all the best.bu the way i even have the dvd that you did in Orlando,that's where i first heard SHE DON'T CRY LIKE SHE USE TO.GREAT GREAT SONG AND WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE MUSISIONS THAT YOU HAD BACK THEN?YOU REALLY DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH WE'VE MISSED YOU,DO YOU?GOD BLESS YOU AND PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US AGAIN. A FAN FOREVER. CAROLE REBHAHN FROM JACKSONVILLE,FLORIDA
Johnny Rodriguez  08/20/2008            
A Fan
Johnny used to just bring in his guitar and play in South Texas, he loved to meet people and he made everyone happy with his music. I also am glad to hear he is back making music.
Johnny Rodriguez  08/20/2008            
Marna Stanhope
Johnny Rodriquez is and always will be a country artist in his own right.Why the country music industry has let him down,is a slap in the face for his true fans,as we have made country singers of today get where they are by buying their records,and they don't hold a candle to J,R.aLL WE ASK OF YOU THE COUNTRY MUSIC INDUSTRY ,IS get J.R on the awards shows and give him the recognition he so deserves,as you've given people that don't deserve any.
Johnny Rodriguez  04/28/2008            
[email protected]
I am so glad that Johnny is back to performing again.I just wish he could come to Jacksonville,Florida,for a show.We are a military city and there are alot of babyboomers that miss his music. I have alot of his vinyl and would love to find it on CD.All of your fans wish you the best in health and happiness,and yes wealth would be good to so thank you for coming back to us Johnny.We all love you and our prayers are with you.
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