Lost Immigrants

Lost Immigrants
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From a tradition of music rooted in heritage and home, honesty and hurt, sorrow and sunsets, emerge Lost Immigrants. They are country music. They are rock. They are pop. They are blues. They are saints. They are sinners. They are idiots, and they are fools. They are Texas music. Lost Immigrants formed in fall 2004, when longtime friends Craig Hinkle and James Dunning agreed to work on small collection of songs and an American music project. That collaboration led to weekly rehearsals, monthly gigs and frequent trips down Texas highways. Hinkle and Dunning met in college, played in a band that went on to evolve and emerge as a noted performance and songwriting powerhouse of the late 1990s and early ’00s. A move to Nashville, Tenn., secured a record deal, but also lead to several original members parting ways to pursue new interests. After several years and even more miles, two of these original members have been reunited. And the musical powerhouse is once again lighting the collective souls of everyone who listens. “The Immigrants joined together on a journey,” writes Craig Hinkle, “a journey that, without knowing, would take them through nearly every stage of life and places in between. And somewhere along they way, they lost themselves.” The journey would also lead to new recruits and soon-to-be dear friends. Sean Isbell (lead guitar) joined the band to help round out the sound, bringing a unique musical ear and phrasing to the group's instrumentation. Many others would come and go as the band sought a foothold in the Texas country music circuit. Pulling a little from a variety of genres, the music of Lost Immigrants spans the entire Americana spectrum. So much so, the band seeks only to be known as a “American music”: the very best of country, Southern rock, blues and pop melodies. Their influences are as wide-reaching as their aspirations -- Tom Petty, Skynyrd, Charlie Robison, George Jones, Counting Crows and U2, to name a few. But instead of emulating these famous acts, the members of Lost Immigrants seek to join their ranks and create their own unique sound for the world to enjoy. So take a moment to introduce yourself to Lost Immigrants. The music is memorable; the songwriting, sublime. Chances are, you won’t be disappointed.
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Lost Immigrants  01/22/2007            
strait whiskey
i wish i could give it 100 stars the waiting on judgment day cd was love at first sound if you dont have the cd you gotta go get it
Lost Immigrants  01/12/2007            
w from texas
this is my new favorite cd came across it by accident really and fell in love with it in one day badass cd
Lost Immigrants  01/12/2007            
ricky brown
waiting on judgment day is a badace cd every track is great country sound
Lost Immigrants  01/12/2007            
trouble trowell
good cd enjoying every song on this one
Lost Immigrants  01/08/2007            
Anna B.
My husband and I happened upon one of their shows while we were up in Dallas. We loved every song they played so we bought the CD and now we keep stealing it out of each other's cars every morning. We can't wait to see them play at Gruene Hall later this month. Their album is addictive and they are even better live.
Lost Immigrants  09/29/2006            
I somehow got lucky and received a copy of Waiting on Judgement Day before it was released. I haven't stopped listening to it over the last few days. Everytime I listen to it I find a new favorite song. You just can't help singing along to it. It's great music!
Lost Immigrants  09/27/2006            
N. Paige
Great music, great writing, great melodies! I was sort of skeptical when I got a bootleg copy of this album, but now I can't stop listening to it! The songs are expertly crafted and the music is familiar but not cliche. "Judgment Day" is a great song that had me singing along by the second chorus and "Dixie Queen" is just raw and emotive. I can't say enough about this CD. All I can say is even though I already own a copy from a friend, I'm buying an official copy to support these guys!!!
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