Mike Graham

Mike Graham
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Who is Mike Graham? Singer, songwriter, and West Texas survivor...Mike Graham. He stands alone in the crowd of Texas singer/songwriters flooding the market these days, with a style so noticeably shaped by the energy buried in the dry, parched oil fields of West Texas. Born in Pecos, raised in and around Midland, Big Spring, and Odessa, Texas and attending Angelo State University in San Angelo for a couple of years, it's not surprising that his debut CD (1999) is titled "Just West of Nowhere". Although his musical influences include Steve Earle, Johnny Cash, Robert Earl Keen, and Townes Van Zandt, as you might expect, Guy Clark, Joe Ely, and Butch Hancock (all from West Texas) are on the list as well. Mike released a new collection of songs titled "Find You a Highway" in April 2001 on Boatfolk Records and is receiving heavy airplay on radio across the state. This Larry Joe Taylor production follows up on the West Texas theme of "Just West of Nowhere" with songs like "67", and "Half of Lubbock" while also exploring new directionin "Be Alright", "Sacking a Small Town", and "Riding on the Rails". Mike is currently appearing across the state with his band as well as in solo or "songwriter" shows. He has appeared with Chris Wall, Larry Joe Taylor, Davin James, Steven Fromholz, Terri Hendrix, Lloyd Maines, Tommy Alverson, Cory Morrow, Ed Burleson, and many others.
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Mike Graham  12/01/2003            
Jeff Hunter
You know there are many texas song writters. Along with all of these Mike Graham has been the one that has stood out from the usual crowd. He uses all of his roots to write and sing his songs that range from typical texas songs about having a good time to songs that will mean something to the listener. Mike will countinue to produce great music to appeal too every crowd. His CD's are only half the glory to him. If you get the chance to see this upcoming star on stage I highly reconmend it. He is unbeliable on stage and will make you want to see him again...
Mike Graham  08/16/2003            
Billy Covington
Just rode into town in my lime green pick-up truck. Must say, very disappointed to here MMB "fans" are not too familiar with my moniker. Sad to hear, you don't know Billy Covington. Speak up. Seems to me those who have something to say about how the cow eats the cabbage - better yet, those who would feel the need to comment on the food chain, would come across as unfamiliar with the man. Music, music. Let's talk about the music. The forum has been provided for us to express our individual preference in color of trucks. Lime green anyone? Okay, better listen to those GDV albums I know you all have. Try starting with "Break in the Storm" - tract two. Too old to rock, perhaps. But let's consider the other side of the thrown stone - too close-minded to consider the words spoken. We are all here for the same purpose - a mutual love of the spirit of this music. Some of it does not ring true to me, and I have the "courage of my convitions". Hope you are able to say the same. If not, you are talking into the wing. Let's rock, let's roll, let's keep the music alive - and the thoughts that keep the spirit of it alive. I, for one, will do just that. Again, Mike, keeping a light on for you.
Mike Graham  07/01/2003            
Mike's music is great. His shows are amazing everytime I see him. He doesn't fit into a genre. He plays honky tonk, blues, country-rock and just about everything else. He has more integrity in his song writing than the sea of young Texas artists flooding the market these days.
Mike Graham  04/29/2003            
I went and saw these guys at Marie's in Odessa. They weer drunk, rude and obnoxious. The music wasn't too good either. Except for 'I Like Drinkin'. I won't be going to any more of their shows. And don't waste you $ on this CD.
Mike Graham  04/29/2003            
how bad can you suck?
Mike Graham  04/29/2003            
You suck. CD Sucks. It all sucks
Mike Graham  04/29/2003            
sucked again
Mike Graham  01/08/2003            
Greatest cd i have ever listened to. 1, 2, 5, 8, and 10 are great. Keep up the good work guys.
Mike Graham  04/06/2002            
After listening to Mike pick the guitar in San Angelo and then at the ranch in Sonora several years back it is easy to see the amount of talent he has after listening to his CD's. I was really impressed with what I heard and so were my other buddies when we listened to him from the jukebox at Adair's one day in Dallas. His CD's are definitely worth a listen.
Mike Graham  04/06/2002            
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