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Pauline Reese
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Pauline Reese: A pioneer in a man’s world of outlaw country


If Pauline Reese had been born in the 1800s, she would have used a plow and a Henry rifle to carve her place the Wild West. Instead, she’s slinging a guitar and sharp-edged lyrics to blaze a trail in a man’s world of outlaw country music and staking milestones along the way, including praise from Willie Nelson as his favorite female vocalist and from the Texas Music Awards as the reigning entertainer of the year – the first woman to earn that honor.


Like pioneering country artists Kitty Wells and Loretta Lynn, she battled chauvinistic attitudes and come-ons with comic flair while facing adversity with true grit, such as at a Pat Green concert with no accommodations for women.


To make her own changing room, Pauline stretched a bed sheet across the doors of her crew cab truck.


When club owners would not hire her, claiming women do not draw crowds and amp up beer sales, she proved them wrong.


When radio programmers preferred spinning guys over gals, she persuaded them to give her a chance and earned such hit singles on the Texas Music Chart as “Trail to Monterrey,” “One Less Honky Tonk” and “Lone Star Flag.” She strengthened relationships by visiting every alternative/country station in Texas and Oklahoma at least five times.


Legends were born when Pauline rode her horse Blue Diamond into shows at famed dance halls across Texas and sang the National Anthem from the saddle at rodeos and sporting events, including one for 83,000 people at a University of Texas football game.


Pauline served as an inspiration as the only woman in Texas Music – a no-holds-barred blend of alternative country, rock, Western swing, honky-tonk, folk and Tejano – going head-to-head with Jack Ingram, Kevin Fowler, Cory Morrow, Roger Creager, Reckless Kelly and the Randy Rogers Band. Her advice was sought by the likes of Miranda Lambert, Sunny Sweeney and Bonnie Bishop.


And for good reason.


At age 15, she joined a band composed of men in their 40s. Two years later, she fronted it as The Pauline Reese Band. About the same time, she met Willie Nelson and was welcomed into his inner circle of friends including legendary songwriters Sonny Throckmorton (George Strait’s “The Cowboy Rides Away”) and Merle Haggard sidekick Freddy Powers (“Natural High”).


While writing songs with them and studying their music and the artists they admired, she toured and worked odd jobs, from fixing guitars and selling hot dogs on a stick to making titanium kneecaps in a machine shop.


Honing songwriting, guitar, vocals and showmanship while performing more than 170 concerts a year, Pauline steadily earned a fan base that allowed her to grow from opening act to headliner.


She performed at two of Willie’s Farm Aid festivals that included Dave Matthews, Neil Young and John Cougar Mellencamp and six of Willie’s fabled Fourth of July Picnics.


She had so much fun that four years ago she established her own, the Pauline & Outlaws Picnic. Guests have included Freddy Powers, Johnny Lee, Gary P. Nunn, The Derailers, Tommy Alverson, Todd Frisch, Kelly Kenning, Davin James and Willie’s daughter, Paula Nelson. Her fifth annual picnic is planned for late spring.


Pauline’s albums won critical acclaim since her self-titled debut in 1999. Willie joined her for a duet on “Pick Up the Pieces” on her 2004 CD “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” The Texas Music Awards bestowed album of the year honors on her 2007 CD “Too Texas,” a collection of her classics and others’.


Her sixth CD, “Just Getting Started,” reveals Pauline’s growth as an artist in a powerful collection of folk, pop rock and alternative and contemporary country that reflects a life being lived to its fullest – from a leaving a rocky marriage and finding new love and a new role as a wife and mother with two young daughters to all the highs and lows in between.


The seventh of eight children, Pauline was born in Mount Pleasant – Ray Price’s hometown – and grew up nearby in the tiny East Texas town of Pittsburg.


She lives in a 200-year-old board-and-batten house on a family ranch in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, PRCA champion saddle bronc rider Bill Herbert, daughters Heidi, 2, and infant Henli, five horses and her 13-year-old dog Baby Mae, who loves to watch rodeo on TV and often accompanies Pauline onstage to do tricks.


Last year, she assembled a touring band of top-shelf Austin musicians – lead guitarist Hunter St. Marie; bassist James Tommy, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music; drummer Matt Danko; and keyboardist Michael Davids.


For Pauline, there are plenty of trails yet to blaze. As the chorus in her latest CD’s title track says, “I’ve just hit my stride this ride ain’t over yet/ My heart is racing to see what’s waiting up ahead/ I’m about to make my mark/ Yeah, I’m just getting started.”

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Pauline Reese  10/07/2004            
Jessica Lynn
I LOVE Pauline and ALL of her music, I must say that her sound is not like the others. She is true country, and I can't get enough... I love her new CD. And have encouraged everyone I know to go and buy it! If you love REAL country and not that nashville crap, as well as a REAL person that is true to her roots... Pauline Reese is the best I've found.
Pauline Reese  09/29/2004            
***Shawn Wolford***
Pauline has topped herself with her latest album, The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly. In a day when country music has transitioned to pop, Pauline holds true to a style that takes a step back in history. If you long for the sound of a steel guitar and fiddle that seem to be fading from mainstream country music, this is a must hear CD. Pauline once again combines her beautiful voice with amazing lyrics. Whether you are heading to a rodeo, a night out dancing, or just kicking it with some friends youíll have a great time listening to this album.
Pauline Reese  09/29/2004            
Thomas Crain
Pauline has one of the best country voices of all the female country singers. Her reane and clearity of voice is exceptional. Her CD The Good, The Bad,and The Ugly is without exception the best you can buy today. It is my hope that she will get the recgonization her talent deserves. I look to hearing more of her music now and in the future.
Pauline Reese  09/29/2004            
Pauline has an excellent voice, both in range and quality. No one can do the national anthem like her! I would like for her to do more of the old songs, like "Dream" on her GB&U CD -- maybe redo Willie's Stardust???
Pauline Reese  09/28/2004            
Beth Palazzolo
I love the whole CD, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." My favorites are the one about the yellow wine and the one with Willy. I like the Spanish flavor on several of the songs. Pauline has a great voice and writes some very nice music.
Pauline Reese  09/28/2004            
Blaire Bruns
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly is an awesome CD bringing country back where it belongs. It is more than GOOD, the music could never be considered BAD, and she is far from UGLY! Pick it up, you won't regret it.
Pauline Reese  09/28/2004            
Suzy Joseph
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly is a great new album that will have special appeal to all of those music lovers that also have a love and respect for all things "Texas". The songs are a rich variety of all the great cultural influences of our state. The spanish guitar, the rodeo circuits, rocky romances, and colorful characters. "One Less Honky Tonk" will touch the heart of anyone that ever came in from hauling hay, cleaned up, starched up and headed out for a Saturday night on the town! Pauline is a talented artist and this CD is a real keeper! We are proud of her association with Anheuser - Busch as a spokeslady! If a person wants to see and hear a real country girl belt them out, they need to go see Pauline! She sings from the heart. Having the ultimate respect for the Ladies of Country Music, Loretta, Tammy, and Kitty, it is sad to watch many gals decide to be a country singer and start with "Gee, what can I wear that will get attention, what nasty thing can I say that will make sure they are all looking at ME! Pauline is a lady, who writes and sings about real life! Check out this CD, you will not be disappointed!
Pauline Reese  09/27/2004            
Sarah Huber
This album out does them all!! I heard the song "One Less Honky Tonk" on Kvet in Austin and had to get the cd! She is Country, the real stuff! I'm so tired of all the Pop/bubble gum music trying to pass for COUNTRY music. We need more women in Texas/Country music like Pauline!
Pauline Reese  04/24/2004            
national anthem
Pauline Reese  06/07/2002            
Junior Martin
What a great CD! It is very refreshing to hear an artist like this in times like these.... Especially an independent. I believe you will go far young lady. Great product and the right idea.
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