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South First Band
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It isnít too often you find a band who has a fan base that spans an entire state, that has opened up for stars like Cross Canadian Ragweed, Pat Green and The Eli Young Band among others, and whose songs are stuck in your head all before their first record has even been released. But that is the case with South First Band. The foursome of Jeff Havard on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Warren Smyrl on lead guitar, Pat Overstreet on drums and Stephen Adams on bass and all four on harmonies are from Lufkin, Texas and have just released their debut album, a year and a half after first beginning to wow fans and fellow musicians with their musical style, vocals and songwriting. South First Band first came together for the Colgate Country Showdown where they won both their local and state level. From there, the band has grown from a local go-to country opening band to a well-known group that boasts a rocking sound with a country influence, exceptional 3-and 4-part harmonies and an impressive song lineup. South First Band agrees their vocals, on top of ďkick ass music,Ē set them apart from any other band in the scene. Their harmony acts as a fifth member to the band, adding something that only the four of them together could create. South First Bandís debut album, Like The Movies, has brought the band and their music into focus. But, Like The Movies wasnít always the bandís debut album. They had recorded a self-produced album that they decided to scrap, in favor of a grammy-nominated Mack Damon produced album. Though the band wasnít happy about shelving their original album, they loved the result. Like The Movies brought out South First Bandís sound and honed in on the intricacies that make them who they are. The albumís lead-off single, Wake Up Wanting Me, written by Pat Overstreet, is a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head. It is a positive, back-in-your-face love song that reminds you that love comes and goes. With the bandís upcoming touring stint, itís likely ďWake Up Wanting MeĒ will be a fan favorite. With all four members writing on Like The Movies, songs like ďSomething Real,Ē ďBackroadsĒ and the title track give listeners a taste of love, friendship, loyalty and good times as well as the writing ability of the foursome. A very guitar-driven, fun sound blends perfectly with South First Bandís songwriting, offering listeners an original sound in Texas Country and the Red Dirt Music scene that canít be ignored. As they keep on doing what they do, South First Band will undoubtedly continue to wow fans and fellow musicians in their scene. They are excited about releasing an album for friends and fans that have followed them this far. For them, itís about making music that is true not only to them, but to everyone who listens to it.
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South First Band  01/06/2006            
I celebrated New Years with you guys at the gig in Lufkin and wow, what a way to rock the house! congratulations to all of you, you are awesome! waiting anxiously for the next CD :)
South First Band  11/28/2005            
Daniel Lee
I love this band! This is a great CD where every song is a hit and there's no need to skip tracks. Their live shows are so energetic, you've got to see them if you have a chance. I can't wait for another CD to come out!
South First Band  11/22/2005            
Saw you guys at Barfly in San Antonio. Great Job.
South First Band  08/02/2005            
I saw you guys at Banita Creek Hall saturday night. This was the third time I have seen you and not once have you dissapointed me. Your vocals are awesome and 7 Bridges Road rocked the house. Keep rockin.
South First Band  07/02/2005            
I saw these guys live and it was incredible... I mean they react to the audience, they have a good time, they enjoy themselves and rock the damn house...If you get a chance go see them. I will hell yea..........Keep a Rockin Guys..............Love ya Suzzy S Throat
South First Band  06/14/2005            
Shane Lowry
hey these guys are great on stage and their songs really hit home...i have ran into them more than once...they are great guys and everyone should see them live...
South First Band  05/27/2005            
Dan Johnson
Yall already know how great I think yall are. Longview sucks. Come play at a bar and make it worth living here. Your boy, DAN P.S. - You better play Maria when you come
South First Band  05/11/2005            
richard cephalo
These guys freakin awesome crazy silly fresh.... im in love with them!!!!! keep rockin
South First Band  05/05/2005            
I've been watching these guys from day one. What impresses me most is how they have grown into entertaining the crowd as opposed to just playing music. I'm looking forward to the "BUZZ" tomorrow night.
South First Band  05/03/2005            
I think it is funny that the only reviewer that is critical of the band had to submit his review twice because he messed up on his star rating! It seems that perfection is hard to obtain... I really enjoy SFB's peformances. These guys have fun! When I go to see them, I expect a great show. That is exactly what I get. Keep playing your music!
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