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Statesboro Revue
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If we’re honest, the true weight of any band or artist is chiefly determined by how they translate to us in a live performance setting. Can they breach that intangible border between the stage and the gathered onlookers? Can they slip in like a steady rising state of inebriation, stealing our attention, controlling our emotions and ultimately drawing us into their world? Does their energy continue to vibrate within us well after the last chords have been played and our daily life comes to reclaim us? These are probably some of the questions one writer from Rolling Stone Magazine had running through his head before he proclaimed The Statesboro Revue as one of the highlights of the 2009 South by Southwest Conference and Festival. The Statesboro Revue goes back to 2008, but the evolving vision of front man and primary songwriter Stewart Mann goes back much further. It’s a journey down many roads from Texas to Tennessee to California and back, all in a search for that perfect, unspoiled place for his music to grow roots. Year after year in city after city, it became clear that those roots had taken hold on stage and from there grew into a groove oriented, old school rock and roll band, the likes of which have not been seen in quite some time.

Never being afraid to aim high, The Statesboro Revue released their debut album DIFFERENT KIND OF LIGHT produced by GRAMMY Award-Winning David Z (Prince, Jonny Lang, Buddy Guy, Govt Mule) in 2009. Hitting the Texas Music Chart with two Top 20 singles, the blues rock effort quickly drew a dedicated fan base to their stages, but was just a prelude to the tour de force that is their brand new album RAMBLE ON PRIVILAGE CREEK, which was released in April, 2013. Described by Mann as earthier with catchier hooks, this new music is pure living energy that winds through light and lofty atmospheres down through the depths of sweet Celtic miseries and over to angry growls through clenched teeth…all without ever losing that gypsy pulsation that is the very definition of rock and roll. “This album is extremely broad in subject matter and style, in musicality and production, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve always strived to create a sound that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel; merely merge the little idiosyncrasies of all my influences and shape them in a manner that might someday be looked upon as my own unique sound. I think this record is as close as I have ever been to accomplishing that goal.”

Reminiscent of singers from decades past, Stewart Mann’s soulful voice is both evident and familiar. His seasoned timbre is well- worn, but polished enough to have landed him the starring role in Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story that opened at the historic Cameo Theatre in San Antonio, Texas last year. Joining Stewart is younger brother Garrett Mann, the lead guitar player who holds down the fort then lets loose when the song calls for it. On bass guitar is Musicians Institute alumnus Ben Bradshaw, providing backbone and foundation, all while mixing in melodic leads and runs that only a player of his experience can muster. Drummer Kris Schoen’s ability to both drive the tunes and lay down a lazy snare for the slow groove furthers the dancing frenzy that ensues at a Statesboro Revue show. The all-star list of shared stages more than hints that this all-inclusive working band is truly worth their weight. The Statesboro Revue has played with the Los Lonely Boys, The Wailers, the Allman Brothers Band, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Whiskey Myers, Dirty River Boys, Willie Nelson, Charlie Robison, Ryan Bingham, Reckless Kelly, Turnpike Troubadours, Randy Rogers Band, Bob Schneider, War, Arrested Development, Eli Young Band, Marshall Tucker Band, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Will Hoge.

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Statesboro Revue  04/21/2009            
sounds like rock n roll to me!! ahaha. Cant wait til yall come rock our faces off in Midland again. and hurry up with that new album already
Statesboro Revue  04/21/2009            
lance and julia
My wife and I visited Austin last summer and rode through 6th street on a horse drawn carriage. We heard Stewart and the band playing and had to go see what they were about. We liked them so much we see them any chance we get in the DFW area. We wish they were in DFW more.
Statesboro Revue  04/20/2009            
These guys are not good at all and very cocky. The lead singer has a girlfriend and hits on every female in sight. Not very attractive at all... Find a different path!
Statesboro Revue  04/20/2009            
This band is head and shoulders above the rest of these run of the mill "tx country" acts. They're so good, they're not even tx country. I like a lot of tx country but hearing these guys a few months ago really brought a breathe of fresh air to me.I'll be seein ya at Gruene Hall this wednesday, just dont hit on my girlfriend again!! ha
Statesboro Revue  04/10/2009            
I saw them at Gruene Hall this past Wed. nt and I completely agree, they're bad ase!! Great songs, music, and vocals, alla round 5 stars. See you boys again real damn soon, if you'd ever come to my neck of the woods punks! Bring it on!!!
Statesboro Revue  04/08/2009            
Uh, so kind of saw these guys on monday night in austin and kind of think this last guy's an idiot...this band is flippin awesome!! I havent seen a better band since I've been in Texas,period.I cannot wait for the new album to come out.Keep doin what you do guys, "tx music" fans will come around in due time.
Statesboro Revue  03/30/2009            
These guys do write their own reviews...
Statesboro Revue  03/19/2009            
This group of musicians rise above any Texas based group I have ever seen. The singer's passion and talent is beyond evident in every performance and the group as a whole create an astounding energy that addicts any listener at once. I also saw this ABOVE AND BEYOND MEDIOCRE group in Colorado and their rare talent sucked me in. I have many friends that feel the same way that have NO RELATION to the band and have posted these positive I know for a fact that this band is not indulging in "Blatant Self Promotion"...quite a funny negative review though...poor guy needs a hug!
Statesboro Revue  02/12/2009            
Joe Pick
Just saw these guys at Gruene Hall and let me tell you, "They are hotter than Paris Hilton!"
Statesboro Revue  02/09/2009            
Ok first of all... i have said this before and i think that nearly every review of this band is written by either the same person or by the band themselves. The blatant self promotion is hilarious. I have seen this band live and they are mediocre at best. The lead singer does have a good voice but there are many better out there. I saw them play a show in colorado while i was at musicfest and it seemed no more than just your average bar band to me. I'm sorry if people will look at this review as hateful, it's really not, but what's the point of having a review board if you can't speak the truth or your mind. If anything i don't think this band should be playing around in texas but would be better suited in another demographic where there music is better appriciaeted.
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