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"There is embedded in the soil of this region we call South Texas a primal chord. A gritty and raw flavor that once and a while wells up from the earth and fills those in tune enough to let it influence them and their music. The Swindles have found this 'spring of music.' Hell, they could bottle beer from it..." Call them what you want, roots rock, Americana, country rock, trash twang, the Swindles dig deep from their San Antonio backgrounds to bring strong recordings and wild live shows to the people. "When you think of Texas music, it's unlikely that the first place you think of is San Antonio, but the home of The Alamo has already produced one genuine legend in Doug Sahm and it's now nurturing the finest Texas rock 'n' roll band I've heard in a long time. The Swindles combine the punk rock immediacy of the True Believers, the Tex-Mex persuasions of Sir Douglas Quintet and the seedy innocence of a million garage dwellers, all wrapped up in songs about girls, their mama's cars or favorite bongs." These boys have pulled together the influences of Buddy Holly, enchiladas, Chuck Berry, gravel roads, Rocky Erickson, El Patron, Doug Sahm You get the idea!!! The Swindles' lineup consists of Paul ward on drums, Bart Nichols on bass, Grammy winner Joe Reyes on guitar, Dave Wasson on guitar, and Mitchell Justice Webb on vocals and guitar. Each of The Swindles hails from San Antonio and brings his distinctive background and sound to the band. Now, what do we tell you about the gigs in the brothels of Acuna with Big Country, the wild nights in Austin, Tacoland and Ram our trusted compadre, Blanco Cafes Enchiladas, Bar America, Cafe Acapulco? That, my friend, must be discussed in person. So pull up a chair, open up a tab, and we'll talk.
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Swindles  10/02/2002            
I diggem. Texas rock at its best.
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