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Across five independent albums and a decade-plus of touring, Wade Bowen has amassed a string of regional hits and awards, 

and also a fan base who is passionate about music. Indeed, in the fourteen years since Bowen launched his career at Stubb’s Barbecue

 in Lubbock, Texas, he’s risen from collegiate

greenhorn to the top of the Texas music and Red Dirt circuit. His colleagues and friends Pat Green, Jack Ingram, Eli Young Band and

others had made the major-label leap, helping to take a vibrant regional sound to the rest of America. Now Bowen is poised to bring

that Red Dirt and independent spirit to country music at large.


Wade’s baritone is dense and concentrated, with traces of whisky and smoke and an

autumnal warmth. Bowen takes command of his songs, cutting over the top of producer Justin Niebank’s sculpted guitar-scapes on his latest release "The Given." The

sound is one hundred percent country, rife with pedal steel and vivid emotion, but it’s also music that could easily find a home with fans

of Bowen’s rock idols – folks like Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne. Take a few passes through this project and you’ll hearing a

singer’s singer and a focused songwriter who’s adding layers to his music all the time.


On a live circuit where the overwhelming mandate is to stir up a party, Bowen has aimed to leave folks with

a memory. As a writer, even one from a state with some tall literary traditions, he’s not trying to earn a PhD in poetry; he’s trying to

communicate. “My style,” he says, “is more to try to evoke an emotion. I’m more about trying to leave a mark on people.”

Growing up in Waco, Bowen’s exposure to the music of Texas was limited to whatever made it on FM country radio. George Strait

was king. Guy Clark was a name he’d not have recognized before getting to college. But at school, in Lubbock, he discovered the full

spectrum of Texas artistry, starting with Robert Earl Keen. “He was a big changing point in my life,” says Wade. “I realized by listening

to him that there was way more out there than I ever knew. So I started getting into Guy Clark and other great Texas music. But I was

obsessed with Robert Earl. When we started the band we were sort of a Robert Earl cover band.”

That band was called West 84, and they found that with their large posse of friends who’d always show up for a good time, it was easy

to land gigs. Bowen meanwhile began to channel a lifelong love of writing into songs, and when college ended he made two major

decisions. He took on the role of solo artist, and he moved to Austin. By then, about 2001, fellow Waco native Pat Green had busted

out to national prominence and the Texas music phenomenon was the buzz of Nashville. It was part of Wade Bowen’s inspiration to

charge ahead.

Try Not To Listen is the album Wade regards as his true debut, the project that kicked off a life and living made of 200-plus nights a

year on the road and patient grassroots fan development. Then with Lost Hotel in 2006, things really began to click. The opening track

“God Bless This Town” reached No. 1 on the bellwether Texas Music Chart, and to date, 

 Bowen has had a total of 10 Number 1's and 15 Top 5 Singles on the Texas Music Chart. 

He achieved another landmark in 2010, when he was invited to add his name to the roster of great artists

who’ve made a Live At Billy Bob’s CD/DVD combo at the iconic club in Fort Worth. 

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Wade Bowen  07/23/2007            
I can't get enough of Wade Bowen, especially on this CD. I love every single one of the songs on here, and would recommend spending your money on it if you haven't already.
Wade Bowen  07/12/2007            
These boys are awesome! I went on the ccr cruise and had a chance to hang out! I love wade. He is the best songwriter. I love his voice! Keep it up boys!
Wade Bowen  05/25/2007            
I was able to attend the CD Release acoustic show at a Borders Bookstore in San Antonio. That was about a year ago and this CD is always in rotation in my stereo. I never get tired of his voice- unique and expressive. Since then I have turn every friend and family member on to him- even people that claim not to like country music. All three of Bowen's CDs are great!
Wade Bowen  05/22/2007            
wade bowen seems like an all around good guy.... his concerts are a little too wild for me, though!! especially when hes with CCR! a little less drinking and he would be great!! good voice!
Wade Bowen  05/16/2007            
oh trust me it is worth it, u feel as if u are there how awesome it is \m/
Wade Bowen  04/18/2007            
Wade Bowen's lyrics,combined with such great music, are absolutely full of depth and soul-- Mood Ring is one of the best songs I have ever heard--especially live! Everyone should have this CD.
Wade Bowen  04/17/2007            
"God Bless This Town" seems like it was written about were I live. LOVE this CD. Get it now!
Wade Bowen  04/15/2007            
fed up with stupid people
Nice Grammer! You work for a label? No wonder the music industry's messed up.
Wade Bowen  04/12/2007            
Disappointed in TX
Cd sounds beter.Very disappointed with FtWorth show.Intoxocated band and a crazy handicap looking lead guitar player from a mental unit.Are these guys serious and even qualified to be allowed play there?Our 1st Wade show,me and 12 members from our recording company.We just don't get it.
Wade Bowen  04/02/2007            
Texas Chick
I bought your cd this weekend and LOVE IT!! This is such a "must have" if you love Texas Country Music... Keep it up Wade your awesome!!
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