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Brazoria County Fair
Brazoria County Fair
901 Downing Road
Angleton,TX 77515
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In 1910, several of Brazoria County's civic leaders decided that the area needed a public place for educating farmers and homemakers by recognizing those who were most outstanding in their personal efforts. They wanted to plan an event that would provide competition, entertainment, enjoyment, and an opportunity to get together with friends. They wanted to provide the people with a standard of excellence, which all county residents could work to achieve and to encourage the continued improvement of the equality of life in Brazoria County. They planned the first Brazoria County Fair. Those early civic leaders would be amazed to see how the Brazoria County Fair has grown since that first one in 1910. They could not have imagined a 120-acre fairground covered with permanent buildings. They also could not have imagined a 9-day annual event that attracts almost a quarter of a million people. The history of the "modern" Brazoria County fairs began in 1938 when the Angleton Jaycees took over the operation of several of the annual events. Even though no fair organization officially existed that year, there was a small exhibition of livestock and the ladies showed their jams and jellies on the courthouse lot. After the formation of the Brazoria County Fat Stock and Fair Association, the group bought a 20-acre fig orchard south of Angleton for use as fairgrounds. By 1947 another 30 acres had been added to the site and throughout the years more land has been bought as it became available. The fair was cancelled for three years during World War II and the property was leased to the United States government as the site for the U.S. Signal Corps Radar Unit. After about a year, the government decided to use the facilities as a prisoner of war camp. German war prisoners were then moved to the site. Those prisoners who wanted to work for a small wage helped area farmers with their cotton or rice harvesting or doing other chores. Several of these former prisoners have visited Angleton since then and brought their families to show them where they were kept as prisoners of war, where they waded through muddy rice fields and spent hours bent over picking cotton. When the war ended, the grounds were returned to the Fair Association. In the years since then, through good times and bad and even following devastating hurricanes, the Fair has grown and expanded to the point that it is now one of the largest county fairs in Texas. But, in spite of its growth and changes, the Brazoria County Fair is still a place where people from various parts of the country gather to compete in agricultrual, homemaking and leisure time hobbies. They gather to recognize and encourage excellence, to visit friends and to enjoy themselves in a family atmosphere. Today the Brazoria County Fair has approximately 2,000 members. There is a board of directors that total 99 and a 26 member executive board that oversee the different areas of the Fair. Today it takes more than 500 volunteers to keep the Fair Association operating.
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