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Scenic Loop Café
Scenic Loop Café
25615 Boerne Stage Road
San Antonio,TX 78255
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For those who prefer dining under the spreading branches of a 100-year-old oak or a colorful sky at sunset rather than under a restaurant's fluorescent lights, San Antonio has much to offer. The Critics' Choice Award for Best Outdoor Dining goes to Scenic Loop Café. Kevin Geil/Express-News Especially if you leave the city proper for a short drive into the country. We chose Scenic Loop Café, 25615 Boerne Stage Road, as the Critics' Choice for outdoor dining as it offers the aforementioned amenities and more. Because we are primarily food critics, we would not, in good conscience, pick a restaurant just because it offered a great view or pristine landscaping — but not good food. At Scenic Loop, this requirement is not a problem. Consider the restaurant's menu of Texas fare, from roadhouse casual to surf and turf. Choose from coconut-fried shrimp and steaks, Tex-Mex and home side dishes, as well as fudgy chocolate desserts. Our reviews of Scenic Loop have given the relatively new restaurant better-than-average scores over the past year. Part of the pleasure, too, is the drive out into the country. Scenic Loop also receives points for the kids' play area in a sandy corner of the outdoor seating area. The sturdy wood playground equipment is in full view of parents dining nearby. A small lily pond with a trickling fountain is set into the flagstone patio. After the sun sets, large fire pots are set aflame. Live music, attentive service, and Scenic Loop's very good margaritas should fill the bill for what San Antonians look for in getting away from it all — a good meal, good value and a truly pretty outdoor setting. --By Bonnie Walker San Antonio Express-News
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